ADVICE - Our 10-step Guide to Planning a Wedding

14th June 2019

Almost the moment you start planning your wedding, people start giving you advice. Whilst usually well-meaning, don't feel you have to follow it - planning a day that is personal to you both should be the priority.

Here is our non-judgmental, but equally well-meaning 10-step guide to wedding planning. Why not grab a cup of coffee, sit down somewhere comfortable and take a look? No pressure. No pressure, just some simple, proven, practical help from people who have been there, done it, and got the T-shirt to prove it. (All images courtesy of Ed Brown Photography).

1. Set the Date

This will give you a clear timeframe to work to. The date you choose will be determined by a number of different factors including work commitments and when your preferred venue is available. It can take a bit of to-ing and fro-ing to settle on a date but be sure to let key people know as soon as you have chosen so they can keep that date free.

2. Get Organised

If you’re naturally organised, great, off you go. If not, why not set up a Dropbox account and store all of your wedding information in there? That way, you will both be able to refer to it whenever and wherever you need to.

3. Agree a Budget

As boring as this may sound it’s one of the most important things you can do. When you know how much you’ve got to spend you’ll know what sort of things you can and can’t do. If other people are going to contribute, now is the time to find out how much because it is impossible to plan properly without this information. Of course, once you’ve agreed the budget it’s important that you both stick to it!

4. List Your Expenses

Weddings are a costly business. Here are some of the things you’ll need to allow for in your wedding budget. You may also have your own individual costs so you’ll need to add those too: 

Stag and hen nights
The service
Wedding rings
Reception decor
The bride’s outfit
Hair and beauty
The groom’s outfit
Attendant’s outfits

Venue, including food and drinks
Wedding cake

Honeymoon and first night hotel

5. Book Your Venue and Officiant

Once you know how much you’ve got to spend and what date you’re getting married on, you can go ahead and book your venue and the person who will marry you, whether that is a vicar, a Registrar or a lay person. You may also want to reserve a block booking of accommodation for your guests. 

6. Prepare Your Guest List

Remember what we said at the beginning about not listening to advice? This is really important here. Remember it’s your day and it’s the two of you who should decide who does and doesn’t make it onto the guest list.

7. Send Out Your Invitations

Once you know when and where your wedding is taking place and who you want to come, you can start sending out your invitations. If you want to save on costs and minimise your environmental impact, you might prefer to send out e-invites. Remember to ask people to RSVP so you know who is coming and keep a note of responses that you receive.

8. Book Your Vendors

Start researching and booking the people who you want to help to make your big day special. Take a look at photographers, caterers, florists, cake makers etc. and begin booking them well in advance. Keep a note of everything you’ve booked in your wedding file.

9. Arrange Your Outfits

You may already have an idea of the sort of wedding dress you want but if not you might want to take a look at the GU supplier’s guide for some inspiration. You will also need to organise outfits for the groom, bridesmaids and attendants.

10. Organise Your Honeymoon

This can be one of the most pleasurable parts of organising a wedding. Why not sit down together and draw up a list of dream honeymoon destinations? Then take a look at your budget and see what sort of thing you can afford. Don’t despair if you can’t have your dream honeymoon. Remember you have the whole of your lives together to visit perfect holiday destinations. Hone in on the things that are really important to you on honeymoon and the things that you might be able to compromise on.

Then there's just one thing left to do - have a wonderful day!


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