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7th May 2018

The environmental impact of a wedding can be considerable. A recent Huffington Post article suggested that the average wedding produces between 400 and 600lb of waste (based on a guest list of 100-120 people). Estimates put the amount of carbon dioxide created by a wedding at around 21 tonnes.

While it’s natural to want one of the most important days of your life to be special, it’s crazy to be having such a damaging effect on the environment, particularly when in our day-to-day lives most of us are busy trying to reduce our carbon footprint and recycle as much as we can.

So, we have put our heads together to create our 10-point Green Wedding Guide. Why not try one, or all, of these great ideas for creating a gorgeously green wedding (whatever colour dress you wear)?

Planning a green wedding helps to share the love. It sets the right example to your guests. And it gets your life together off on the perfect guilt-free green footing. 


Why not choose a beautiful vintage gown rather than going for something brand new that has taken precious resources to make? Take a look at the GU directory for suppliers of gorgeous vintage and reworked wedding gowns. Did you know you can even recycle your wedding flowers? A company called Flower Angels takes leftover wedding flowers and gives them to hospitals, hospices and care homes to brighten the days of residents and patients. What a lovely way to share the love!


The amount of food you throw away. Be careful not to over-order and why not ask for any food that is left over to be given to a local foodbank or composted rather than being thrown away? Use recycled paper for your wedding stationery or consider sending e-invites to reduce the number of trees felled for paper.

Choose Natural

There are many natural and organic products that not only help to reduce your carbon footprint but which, to be honest, are often nicer than their less green alternatives. Why not use natural flower petals as confetti such as Shropshire petals, rather than manmade confetti? And how about giving wildflower seeds as wildflower favours? You could even ask your venue if they will use eco-friendly cleaning products on your big day rather than the harsher chemical alternatives.

Arriving in country style

Hire Don’t Buy

Many of the items used in weddings will be used only once so why not consider hiring them the Arabian Tent Company  or the Chillout Company rather than buying them? If you’re really environmentally-minded you might consider hiring rather than buying your wedding dress. For many of us this might be a step too far, but why not choose a dress that you can wear more than once? or a vintage dress from Real Green Dress, or you could compromise by hiring the groom’s outfit or the bridesmaids’ dresses.

Ask for Environmentally-Friendly Wedding Gifts 

It is traditional to give gifts to the happy couple but why not ask for green gifts or charity donations, particularly if you are getting married second time around perhaps think of things that can grow with you like trees or plants that may last a life time.

Eco Wood Rings

Buy Ethical Engagement and Wedding Rings

You might choose an antique ring or, if you are going for new, check out conflict-free diamonds and ethically mined gold that you can wear with a clear conscience.

Go for Green Transport

Why not eschew the limousine in favour of a horse and cart  or a rickshaw or even a gentle stroll? You could encourage your guests to use public transport by including details of local bus routes and railway stations when you send out your invitations. Electric cars are the latest thing in green transportation, and they certainly make a stylish statement!

 Bus stop by Sarah London Photography

Don’t Fly

Clocking up the air miles really adds to your carbon footprint. Why not look into honeymoon destinations that you can reach by train and sea instead? Check out organicholidays.

Go Organic

Wherever you can, choose organic ingredients. Why not have an organic, gluten-free wedding cake for example? Or choose ingredients that are local and seasonal rather than those that have been flown from one side of the world to another.

Wherever the wedding is there will be something regional about that area, cheese, wine, chillies, chocolate, so try and include it so that you are supporting small business everywhere.

.Wild Artichokes using Chillies from the Chilli farm

Choose Your Venue With Care

On our site we have many fantastic green venues some of which are charities so your feel good factor just keeps on growing and as a green alternative, tents can be put up in fields, woods or in your garden so they are worth considering too.

A big thank you to Sunbeam Studios who helped us with the content of this article.

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