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26th February 2018

To All In-tents and Purposes…

If you thought hiring a wedding tent was the preserve of those with large country homes and sweeping lawns, you might be in for a surprise. To all intents and purposes, a tent could be the most flexible wedding venue of all, suitable for every type of wedding from the most outrageously opulent to the most simple and understated.

These days, you’re just as likely to encounter a wedding tent in a field overlooking the sea, in the grounds of a romantic ruin or close to a riverbank. The weddings that take place in them are as varied and individual as the wedding couples themselves. 

The World’s Your Oyster

Here at GU, we’re all about breaking with tradition and making your wedding a unique reflection of who you are. Wedding tents enable you to do that… and then some. 

So why are these most glamorous of tents attracting so much attention? Here are some of the reasons…

Although there is something indescribably romantic about having a tent on the lawn of your parents or in-laws home, this is not a prerequisite. In fact, field tents sites have grown exponentially in popularity in recent years and it’s easy to see why. If you and your intended have a favourite location, providing you can get permission from the landowner and the site can accommodate a tent big enough for your guests, then the world is your oyster. People choose much-loved views, favourite holiday destinations, even sites with personal or historical significance as the location for their special day. 

Outside In

One of the most appealing things about a tent is that many of them have clear walls or a clear roof, or sides that open, allowing you to bring the outside in. I can remember going to a riverside wedding in a tent that was open down one side. As dusk fell, lanterns were lit along the riverbank, reflecting in the darkening ripples of the water. We could hear the sounds of the riverbank drifting in during the speeches. It was pure, unadulterated magic.


Even if you prefer to tie the knot in the more traditional setting of a church, registry office or country house hotel, you may want to use a tent to host the reception. In this way, you can choose to cater for your guests in whatever way you prefer – pizzas, hog roasts, a full vegan buffet – without being restricted by a hotel’s wedding menu. You’re also likely to have more flexibility with the number of guests you can accommodate. And you can plan the layout of your tent to suit your particular priorities – maybe including a stage if you have live performers or a separate party tent with a dance floor.

A Blank Canvas

When you’re working to a wedding budget, being able to do as much of the planning and preparation yourself can make the funds stretch a lot further. But, let’s face it, the opportunity to personalise our wedding venue is more than just a cost-saving benefit. Most of you GU couples prefer to have as much input into your special day as you can – whether it’s Game of Thrones inspired wedding, a fairytale romance or Gothic extravaganza. A tent gives you a blank canvas on which you can express your creativity. You can tailor your setting, flowers, catering, décor, wedding outfits, music, food… to match your mood.

Many tent hire companies provide hints and suggestions for decorating, if you need them. Swags, bunting, table runners and chair sashes provide splashes of colour, while lanterns, candles, fairylights and flowers lend atmosphere and romance. As well as traditional table displays, floral arrangements can be suspended from the ceiling, wrapped around pillars and arranged in pots at the entrance to the tent.

The perfect start to your life together and, it goes without saying that a tent is not subject to hotel bar closing times, particularly if you choose a remote field site. What more romantic way to begin your married life together than by dancing in the dawn overlooking one of your favourite views and surrounded by the people you love?

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