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20th December 2017

Photos: Janice Gordon 

New wives on the same table, old friends in the same pew

I have been a bride once, but dressing as a guest is harder.

Its your big day so you are looking beautiful you have been pruned, primped, perfumed, and pampered by a team of professionals.

But let us take a longer view of this picture and focus in on your female guests, (like it or not men just pop on a suit and run their hand through their hair), which is so unfair, I know, but it’s the truth.

When women shop for something to wear to a wedding it goes like this ...

Is a hat too much?

“ So I don’t want to look too old or too young or frumpy nor do I want to show my arms, knees or too much cleavage, well not until at least 9 pm when I am more relaxed and the lighting is dimmed.

And more than anything I do NOT want to be wearing the same outfit as any other guest!”

Enter stage left the Mint Dress Agency a wonderful shop with preloved special outfits that are now waiting for a new event at which they can shine.

When wedding guests look they are often struggling with what to wear for a mountain of personal reasons, it can be a mine field for many, new wives on the same table  old friends in the same pew, family they haven’t seen for decades, mmmmmm the insecurities are jingling up my spine just writing this.

Mint dress agency in Kingsbridge, South Devon is one such place where you can be at ease.

Find a little cover up that will not distract from the dress

On entering this funky looking shop you will be looked after and your insecurities will be noted but left outside the changing room like a naughty child.

In a private shop a “bricks and mortar” experience will always win hands down, the customer is always a very valued property and the one to one interaction is what  internet shopping can’t give you.

Mint says “Clients will come in with a description of the wedding, it’s in a field, at a Zoo it says “black tie with a twist“ posh barn, teepee and occasionally they might say its at a hotel!

Then there is the feel good factor associated with a dress agency, they are green they recycle clothing, every item of fashion deserves to be freed from the back of a wardrobe and given the chance of a new life.

And your feel good factor will be be the price, you can often find an outfit and a bag and a pair of shoes for half the original price which means you will have money in the budget for a new hair do or a make over.

Photo: Deborah Schenck Photography

You can find out more about Mint Dress Agency by clicking here.


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