ADVICE - a FREE Wedding Music Cheat Sheet by Bands for Hire

3rd November 2017

What sort of music will you be choosing for your very special day?

Choosing music can be a pretty daunting task so, to help you make that decision, we’ve rustled up a fabulous digital music agency, Bands for Hire, that has a roster brim full of live music talent including everything from string quartets and harpists to swing bands, wedding bands and world music acts.

Music can be quite a head scratcher!

With so many age groups coming to the wedding and you and your partner wanting to please everyone can be quite a headache. All you know is that you want everyone to have the best day and heaps of fun, with music being a big measure of the magic ingredients.

Bands For Hire have a great roster of accoustic musicians

The choice is endless but, of course, we think live and unplugged is the greenest!

And to keep your wedding footprint low it’s a no brainer that you should search for local musicians who don't have to travel far. 

It really helps that Bands for Hire can be searched by area making it so much easier to find the music you love local to your wedding venue.

As well as offering an amazing line up of talented musicians, Bands for Hire have made it their business to help in your decision making by putting together this brilliant FREE wedding music guide infographic. 

What a great cheat sheet!

Just download it, or bookmark this page for future reference....

Live Wedding Music from Bands For Hire

Happy planning!

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