BRITISH FLOWERS WEEK 2017 | What is so important about British flowers anyway? | Garden Gate Southwold

23rd June 2017


The thing about British Flowers Week is that it’s a celebration of the flowers that are grown here in the UK.

Importantly its worth remembering that it’s not only about supporting our British growers but also focuses on realising that you can use seasonal British grown flowers and foliage all year round. 

It's about encouraging eco friendly and sustainable practises, not only in the florist industry generally but in the wedding business in particular, encouraging brides to consider where their flowers originate, to support their local flower farmers and opt for flowers that are 'grown, not flown' - loving them to pieces!

Choose British Flowers for their scent, their beauty and the personality

Bouquets of seasonal British flowers from The Garden Gate Southwold

The lovely Denise at The Garden Gate Southwold in Norfolk says:

“It’s actually about much more than that … it’s about growing and using my own flowers for my clients, using traditional garden flowers and using flowers from fellow British growers … knowing where they come from and who has grown them. 


For scent, for beauty, but also because we believe it is better for the environment to use flowers that haven't been grown in factory like conditions and flown hundreds or thousands of miles, using valuable world resources.”

So this week is all about a more sustainable way of working, celebrating flowers that grow throughout our UK seasons, that have more personality - the stems are less uniform, the shapes less angular and when you mix them up they just come alive!

They definitely have more character than those imported hot house flowers that are sometimes now grown more by machine than by real people, or that clock up the road and air miles to get to your wedding.

Go to Denise's website or get in touch with her to find out more about her flowers and how she will create your own unique wedding flowers with seasonal British flowers.

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If Organic Blooms is not in the area that you are planning to get married then check out the Wedding Directory for other equally talented and dedicated florists and florist farmers in your area.

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