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21st June 2017

Image: Amy O'Boyle Photography for Catkin Flowers

So it’s British Flowers Week and you’re following because you totally love the colours, scent and shapes of natural British grown flowers. You’re working out how to achieve this look of wild abandon that a new wave of British flower farmers are creating.

You want the wedding flowers you love!

So now you’re saturated with all the amazing images of natural wedding flowers coming at you from all directions!  It’s that time of the year when British Flowers are at their very best and the choice is so enormous that you feel like a kid in a sweetie shop!  I know, it’s overload …

If you’re that bride-to-be you’re probably wondering how to start choosing your wedding flowers and who to rely on to create what you want, don’t stress - here are a few tips to help you feel confident you’re in professional hands …

Stunningly just picked seasonal garden flowers grown by Bouquets and Butterflies

You know you want flowers that aren’t mass-produced and nothing compares to using homegrown flowers for a beautiful wedding. So my advice is not to be too proscriptive with your florist - she will want a general idea of whether you a vibrant colour person, or prefer to stick to pales, but beyond that you would be advised to allow your brief to be a loose as possible so the florist can have total flexibility when she’s growing or choosing your flowers for the big day.  Choosing to go the British seasonal flowers route for your wedding means a need to be flexible in the choice of flowers and will help your florist to be creative with what’s available on that particular day.  If you give your florist an open brief you’ll find your flowers will be not only be in the best possible condition but will the best possible price as too!

Having confidence in your florist’s creative skills and her ability to choose the best for you on the day will mean you will adore your wedding flowers and so will your guests - it’s a win, win situation!

A vibrant wedding bouquet of just picked seasonal British flowers by Bouquets and Butterflies

For instance if you’re getting married in Cambridgeshire then Helen Carson of Bouquets & Butterflies can grow flowers for your wedding and, if needs be, supplement them with more flowers from other flower growers in the area.  Her beautifully relaxed, country style hand tied bouquets offer that ‘just picked from the garden’ rustic look - perfect for vintage, eco chic, country style weddings. If you want a pale or vibrant colour theme Helen will take that into account, or she is happy to just create a natural mixed look to your flowers depending on your style of wedding.

Go to Helen's website or get in touch with her to find out more about her flowers and how she will create your own unique wedding flowers with seasonal British flowers.

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If Organic Blooms is not in the area that you are planning to get married then check out the Wedding Directory for other equally talented and dedicated florists and florist farmers in your area.

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