WEDDING PLANNING: A Day in the Life of a Wedding Planner

17th September 2016


This week, as we're nearing the end of our series on wedding planning, I thought it would be fun for you to see things from the other side.  So Claire has written a piece about her own experience of being a wedding planner. 

If it's a mystery to you what a wedding planner really does and why it could be a budget friendly choice for many brides, read on to find out what Claire actually does in her day to day job.  Over to you Claire ...

I’m a planner by nature and a planner by profession, which worked out rather well I think.  I’ve been running events for so long that I’ve got a real feel for how things should flow and my mantra in planning any event is “If no one notices you’re there, you’ve done a good job”.

A day in the life of any wedding planner is mostly spent, well … planning!

This will include the big things like sourcing suppliers and checking through contracts to make sure there are no bad surprises.  In the final run up your planner will make sure all your suppliers have detailed instructions on what time to get to the venue, where to set up, etc.

Photo: Horseshoe Photography

But there’s also the little touches and beautiful surprises for the bride or groom and the wedding party; sorting out signage, guest books and table cloths; making sure you’ve had your hair and makeup trials and you’re happy with the results; making sure you order your cake toppers on time, all those little things that could stress you out as you get closer to the big day, the list really is endless.

On the big day a wedding planner will need to be there before everybody else and be the point of contact for everyone and everything on the day, trouble shooting anything that happens and thinking on the spot to resolve any issues that may arise.  My advice is to find a planner who has a wider background than just weddings, with plenty of experience handling a lot of different situations.  That’s what gives some planners the edge over others.  

The devil is in the detail

Photo: Horseshoe Photography

When someone first thinks about a wedding planner, the obvious question to ask is ‘How much?’ which isn’t an easy question to answer and I guess it will depend a lot on your budget.  But in a very real way it will also depend a lot on your time and how much that’s worth to you as well as how much stress you are prepared to deal with.

In my first blog I outlined how stressful the wedding planning process can be, with budget constraints and your life to life in the meantime.  So if making sure you have a perfect wedding day is really important to you then it might just be worth putting a bit of your wedding budget aside to buy in some expert help.

What a planner will do for you

Photo: Horseshoe Photography

There are a lot of things a wedding planner could help you with from getting a good, overall idea of what you want your special day to look and feel like, to outlining how much you should expect to pay for things, inspiring you about the details and putting special little touches in place.  

Believe me there is a point where cost doesn’t equal better quality or service and in the end may even mean that reduced cost equals reduced reliability.  A wedding planner should help you navigate all that.

If you’re planning your wedding from a distance, a local professional, someone closer to your wedding venue who knows all the local suppliers, can advise you well and save you loads of stress and anxiety.

Me? I’m a behind the scenes plotter and planner and I simply love watching all my hard work make someone’s day beautiful and stress free, but don’t be fooled, just because I love to plan doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot to do!

Photo: Horseshoe Photography

Perfect insight from Claire de La Motte, our resident wedding planning consultant who has her finger on the pulse, as always!

If you would like to talk to Claire de la Motte about your wedding and seek her help with a part, or all of your wedding planning then get in touch by emailing and she will get back to you.

All the images in this article were taken by Jo Thorne of Horseshoe Photography at the fabulous Welsh Green Weddings - our lovely friends there run one of the quirkiest eco friendly wedding venues I know, winning the highest score on our Green Gauge.


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