GU SOULMATES: Tamsin and Jim’s wedding countdown - three weeks to go!

20th August 2016


It seems such a short time since I started talking to Tamsin about her September wedding plans and met her for a coffee and large slice of cake in South Molton just before her hen do on Exmoor.   Now, with the wedding in a few weeks, Tamsin share's how she's feeling and gives us a roundup of her wedding plans…

Well with just 3 weeks to go, my stress levels have started to rise.  I promised myself I would try and enjoy the process and, admittedly in the main part I have, but being a control freak I've found handing over the reins to other people is a little outside my comfort zone!

So everything seemed to be going well.  Food paid for, sound, lighting, bar, honeymoon, etc. booked, dress still fits (thank goodness) ...

Then we remembered we hadn't actually registered the wedding - eek!

So with just days to go before the deadline we are now officially registered (phew!) and I managed to remember Jim's middle name, date of birth and job title in the slightly scary test you now have to undergo at the registrar's, and also confirm we're not related or married to anyone else!

The next scare is that the field we've booked now seems to be inhabited by 2 ponies, 4 ducks and a pig - hopefully they can be moved before the big day, but if not they should make for interesting wedding guests!

All our day guests have confirmed and we've just tipped over our original estimate of 100, so we now have 116 plus 26 kids.  We made a decision to invite everyone who was a 'maybe' to the day as I would hate to regret NOT inviting someone afterwards.  I hope we don't regret inviting ANY of them!

So now I will try to really enjoy these last few weeks.

But to be honest as long as we have friends, food, music and alcohol there we'll have an amazing day.

I've learnt so many things throughout this process, the most important being what fantastic friends we have who've offered their help with everything including the use of their cars, making food, organising, crafting - the list goes on.

We can't wait for our wedding day on 10th September and feel the excitement bubbling away ...

Deep breath and relax!

But don't go away, Tamsin is coming back in a couple of weeks to give us the lowdown on her TOP MONEY SAVING AND ECO TIPS for the wedding, plus a very helpful free spreadsheet of her wedding costs. 

This will be really interesting as her wedding budget was an incredibly low £3000! Can't wait to find out if they stuck to their budget ...

Thanks so much Tamsin.  If you want to keep up to date with Tamsin and Jim's wedding just type your email address into the field at the bottom of the page and hit Sign me Up.

Tamsin runs a digital design, training and support service to individuals and businesses throughout Somerset, Dorset, Devon, Wiltshire, Bristol, Bath and the surrounding areas, Digital Carrot, and plans to role out a wedding website service for other couples planning to save on paper and printing for their wedding invitations.


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