WEDDING PLANNING: 6 Essential Tips for a Perfect Wedding Day

13th August 2016

Photo: Aga Tomaszek

This month Claire's put together an essential kit of wedding day survival tips and what a brilliant list to bear in mind as you get closer to the BIG DAY.  Over to Claire to fill you in on the detail ...

So you’re putting together the finishing touches to your BIG day, dotting all the i’s, crossing all the final t’s and you’re pretty much all set!  I’m sure you have an amazing bridal party that you can rely on and who’ll make sure your day is extra special.  

But if you DID ask me to give you and your bridesmaids some last minute tips it would be these:

1. Remember to eat and drink

Photo: Aga Tomaszek

Have a snack to nibble on while you’re getting ready and, even more importantly, remember to drink LOTS AND LOTS of water. 

Eating and drinking might seem obvious, after all you do it every day, but you will be stressed and you probably won’t get round to eating much of your wedding breakfast and once you’ve downed a few drinks, you’ll be mightily grateful you’d had a bit to eat and drunk loads of water to kick off the day (besides all the healthy hydration benefits that water gives you).

2. Give someone your phone

Photo: Emma Stoner

I KNOW ...  It’s hard to part with especially today, but for your own peace of mind you really do need to give it up, just for the day. 

But be confident that you’ve done all you can and leave any last minute things to be dealt with by someone else.  If you haven’t engaged a wedding planner or coordinator (who’ll make sure everything runs smoothly, sort out last minute problems, make sure everyone is happy and you’re on time) then be sure to give someone else your timeline of the day with as many relevant contact numbers as they may possibly need.

3. Put together an emergency kit

DIY Wedding Day Survival Kit

So many things could go wrong (most of them probably won’t) but seeing it’s your wedding day you want to make sure you’re as prepared as possible so a little emergency kit is essential.  

Make up a little bag of things like extra touch up lipstick, a small travel sewing kit, some baby wipes, deodorant, spare tights and some straws (so you can drink without messing up your makeup) and give it to someone who’ll be around you all day like your maid of honour or your mum.

4. Supplier payments

Wedding Bouquet by Organic Blooms

It’s possible that a few of your suppliers will want to be paid cash on the day.  While I usually advise against this as it gives you something extra thing to think about and you really don’t need it, some suppliers just won’t work any other way. 

Again, make sure you delegate the task, put each payment into a separate clearly marked envelope and let your supplier know who will have it, so they don’t approach you for it on your wedding day.  Better still, get your point person to make contact beforehand and arrange a time and place to meet them to hand over the cash. 

5. Get out your dancing shoes!

Photo: Matt Parry

It’s party time which means dancing!  Make sure you wear in your wedding shoes before the big day.  Don’t wear them outdoors as you don’t want to damage them, but around the house should be safe.  Remember you will be wearing them all day and they need to be REALLY comfy. 

Lots of people opt for a softer, more comfortable pair of shoes for dancing so don’t rule out changing into something else once your first dance is over.  It doesn’t have to be flats, but something funky and fun might put you in the mood and help you ‘let your hair down’.  Besides every girl need an excuse to buy another pair of shoes!

6. Have a beautiful day ...

Photo: Joanna Ornowska

When all is said and done your day is going to be super wonderful and at the end of it you’ll be married to an amazing person who you love, what could be better than that? 

It’s all the special little things that will stand out and be remembered so spend more time thinking about why you’re doing all this than what could go wrong on the day...

As always, thank you Claire for helping us to understand some of the less glamorous, though MOST important details of planning a stress free wedding day.

If you would like to talk to Claire de la Motte about your wedding and seek her help with a part, or all of your wedding planning then get in touch by emailing and she will get back to you.

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