How ethical is your wedding supplier?

22nd July 2016

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The beliefs and lifestyle you have chosen to follow is always to tread lightly upon the earth and you’re inspired by a simple desire to preserve our beautiful planet so that our descendants can enjoy it as much as we do today.

By now your head is probably spinning with all the information and inspiration overload you’re getting on the interweb.  You’ve Pinned to your heart’s content.  Now you’re trawling through all the wedding directories, looking for wedding suppliers who will match your own ethos and help you create a wedding that embraces your ethics and delivers a stunning day to remember without compromising on style.

Keep your love going round and round

Ethical wedding suppliers like Green Acres Events keep the love going round

I really believe that just by making a few intelligent decisions you can keep the love you’re celebrating for each other going round and round, encompassing the earth and all that’s in it and I know it's important to you that your wedding suppliers' ethos fits with your own …

The wedding industry covers a broad activity base and you will have your own benchmark of how 'green' you want your suppliers to be.

But with so many amazing wedding suppliers out there, it can be hard to know where to start when a lot of wedding blogs and directories say they only list businesses that reflect their own ethos, but how can you be sure the information is accurate when there is no measurement in place?

How do you find wedding suppliers that reflect your own ethos?

Ethical, conflict free and Fairtrade Gold rings from Glasswing Jewellery

You can, of course, contact each supplier you find, in turn, and quizz them about their eco credentials but you’re a busy woman and your time is valuable!  

So to help you out we put together a ten point criteria, our Green Gauge, which we ask all our hand picked partners to comply with in order to give you, the bride, peace of mind.

I’m proud to boast that Green Union is the ONLY wedding supplier directory out there that’s already done the leg work for you and makes it easier for you choose suppliers that match your ethos, morals and style.

Our Green Gauge takes the leg work out of your search ...

Each icon indicates the level of greeness of every wedding supplier

With such a diverse range of businesses it's not easy for everyone to be 100% green so here at Green Union I hand pick wedding suppliers for you who can tick 4 or more of my Green Gauge Criteria.  You'll see the number of ticks they have achieved by checking out their score on their listing in the wedding directory. 

The higher the score, the more ethical each wedding supplier is.

This way you can be sure that the supplier you choose really gets you and what you want from the day, allowing your true personalities to shine through!

You'll find a whole bunch of fantastically dedicated and committed eco friendly wedding suppliers listed in the Supplier Finder. And you'll be confident that any one you pick for your special day will go that extra mile to give you the time of your life, spread the love and become a firm friend ...

Enjoy every minute x

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