Arabel Lebrusan gives us some fantastic tips on how to go about finding the perfect match.

" /> Arabel Lebrusan gives us some fantastic tips on how to go about finding the perfect match.

" /> Arabel Lebrusan gives us some fantastic tips on how to go about finding the perfect match.

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WEDDING JEWELLERY TIPS: How to Match your Wedding Band to your Engagement Ring

14th July 2016


You’ve been engaged for a while, months, years, and you chose your engagement ring some time ago.  Now you’re getting married and really want to find the perfect wedding band to match your engagement ring.

Maybe, when he proposed, your OH gave you a family heirloom which will never match a new wedding band exactly but you absolutely adore it!  

Maybe your style has changed a little, or maybe you’re thinking it would be really lovely to have a totally mismatched set …

“A mismatched set can be incredibly charming and stylish”


Arabel Lebrusan says a mismatched set can actually be incredibly charming and stylish and here she offers you some great tips on what you should keep in mind on your search for the best wedding band to go with your engagement ring.

The style of your engagement ring will give you a good idea of what to look for in your wedding band - a vintage Victorian engagement ring with intricate metal work and lots of detail would look stunning alongside a dainty engraved wedding band.  You probably wouldn’t want to pair it with a very geometric and heavy band because the styles will clash and won’t be balanced.

On the other hand an art deco style engagement ring would work perfectly well with that geometric wedding band because the style relies heavily on architectural details that lend themselves to lines and angles.

If you have a simple and minimal engagement ring, think about sticking with a minimal wedding band to maintain a clean, modern, balanced set.

Metal and Colour Mixing

A mismatched engagement ring and wedding band can be charming!!

You’ve probably noticed, if you’ve been doing a lot of Pinterest browsing that the trend to mix colours in jewellery is huge. White and rose gold, yellow and white gold, or other mixtures, can look very beautiful and mixing gives you a unique edge that’s really on trend.

Sometimes vintage, or antique, rings have platinum claws on a yellow gold band.  Here you could go for white gold or yellow gold for your wedding band and it will look great!

A word of caution, though, it is important not to mix some metals because they can scratch and wear each other.  Because platinum is a much harder metal than gold it will easily scratch or wear away at engraving.  But if you have gold with gold, or gold with silver, and platinum with platinum your rings will last a lifetime.

Sweet floral engagement ring paired with braided gold wedding band

Setting the Stone

How you have your engagement stone set can also help you with choosing your wedding band.  A very large stone or a ring with a low setting may mean your wedding band won’t fit against the stone perfectly and you’ll have a small gap between your rings.

This may mean it would be easier to have a bespoke shaped wedding band that’s designed and made to wrap around the stone, or frames it, so that it’s a whole lot easier and neater when you wear both together.

Another idea is to reflect your engagement ring stones on a bespoke wedding band or highlight the coloured gemstone on your engagement ring by adding diamonds to the wedding band.  There are so many ways that the perfect wedding band can highlight your engagement ring!

With a few careful considerations, you can create the perfect wedding set, albeit mismatched, even while working around an older, vintage, or unique engagement ring.

Thank you so much Arabel for this very useful insight into how to find a wedding band to go your an engagement ring. 

I’d like to add that you should not be afraid to commission a bespoke wedding band.  Working with an ethical jewellery designer can be cost effective and will give you the perfect wedding and engagement ring set that is unique to you.

We've got heaps of stunning ethical, fairtrade and conflict jewellery ideas over on our Pinterest boards and adding to them all the time so do follow along.

Arabel Lebrusan, one of Green Union’s handpicked partners listed in our wedding directory, is an award winning ethical and Fairtrade jeweller who is committed to sourcing conflict free jewellery ethically and sustainably. 

Go to Arabel’s website for more information on her ethics and to see her fantastic range of unique wedding and engagement rings.

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