Happy 4th July to our American Friends!

4th July 2016


To wish you all a very festive 4th July I thought you might like to try making these wonderfully festive ruffled cupcakes created by the talented baker Bakerella.  She has come up with a tutorial which teaches you how to decorate these memorial cupcakes inspired by the American flag.

Photo: Bakerella

Making these patriotic 4th of July cupcakes is a great way to kick of this holiday Monday! Whip up your favourite cupcake mix - vanilla, chocolate or red velvet to keep in with then theme,  Then mix up a batch each of red, white and blue buttercream frosting, fill piping bags with each colour, attach a petal tip to each bag and pipe that perfect ruffle top.  Replicate the iconic American flag by layering the ruffled icings in red, white and blue. 

Top with a flag for festive jollity!

Photo: Bakerella

You can get the wole tutorial plus a free printable flag on Bakerella's blog.

Have a Great Independence Day!

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