GU SOULMATES: Introducing you to green wedding bloggers - Tamsin and Jim

7th April 2016


Time to introduce you to our brand new series - GU Soulmates.  Over the months I'll be sharing stories from all kinds of couples, in all walks of life, at all stages of their wedding planning.  And today I’m really delighted to introduce you to our brand new GU Soulmates member who is part way through her wedding planning journey.  Tamsin and her H2B Jim are due to tie the knot in September this year – welcome to Green Union both of you …

How we Met

Jim and I are both country bumpkins, born and bred near Glastonbury in Somerset and met through mutual friends about 10 years ago at the Glastonbury festival. We remained friends and finally got together at a friend's 30th birthday 5 years ago.

We bought our first house 2 years ago where we live in the Somerset countryside with our little family of Ralph the dog, a lab x whippet, and cats Ripley and Rizzo - named after the films Alien and Grease respectively!

Ralph, our lab whippet crossRipley and Rizzo, our two cuddly cats

We are both geeks, working with computers - Jim works in software and I've been running Digital Carrot, a web design and training business for the past 2 years.

As you can see from our photos we're also huge fancy dress fans!

The Proposal

We actually got engaged in Croatia which, coincidentally, is also (unbeknown to us at the time) where my late dad proposed to my mum! The proposal was a complete surprise, although it turns out all our friends knew about it and had to keep it a secret for months.

Although Jim had planned to propose whilst we were away, he hadn't planned exactly when. The perfect opportunity came up on the first night in the most beautiful courtyard restaurant which we had entirely to ourselves. So he made up an excuse to run back to the apartment to get the ring, getting lost on the way back! I had lost one of my rings on the beach earlier in the day so he told me he bought me a replacement, opened the box and asked me to marry him. I was so surprised I actually swore at him (not very romantic) then cried a lot, then of course I said yes!

Post proposal euphoria in Croatia

About our Wedding

As we’re great fans of Glastonbury Festival (it’s where we met) and I grew up in Pilton where the festival is held, we knew we wanted a laid back festival style wedding where people can camp and we can party into the night. We looked at a few venues, but in the end decided a marquee in a field was more our style (and budget).

So we're having a festival style wedding on 10th September in Somerset and we are using lots of local suppliers as well as making a lot of things ourselves and re-using/recycling other items.

We are very lucky to have lots of arty crafty friends and family who are helping us out with decorations, food etc.  I have also been doing skills swaps (designing websites in return for services) with many of our suppliers, which gives our own unique twist to the day and means we are able to have the wedding of our dreams on a very tight budget!  We are using local suppliers for everything from the marquee and flowers to the food and entertainment as well as making lots of things ourselves including decorations, food, invites, wedding favours, signage etc.

Another eco friendly aspect of the wedding is that I'm designing a website for the wedding to save paper and printing, so guests will just receive a luggage tag invitation with the web address on. Then the website will contain info, maps, accommodation options etc. and they will also be able to RSVP via the website.

’Practising’ for our big day at Glastonbury Festival last year!

What Marriage means to Us

JIM - I knew a long time before Tamsin that we'd get married. Tying the knot for me is an on-going commitment not to give up on what we have now and build on it for the future. People say a marriage is 50/50 but it's more like 100/100 with both sides giving everything they have to make each other happy.

TAMSIN - To be honest I didn't think I was the marrying type. My parents had a very happy marriage for over 35 years before my dad passed away and I saw how in love they were, but it just wasn't something that I thought I would ever do. But then everything changed when I met Jim and I suddenly realised this man was everything I'd ever wanted.  As he will confirm, I may have dropped more than a few hints over the years, but he still managed to completely surprise me when he proposed. To me marriage is more than just a wedding, it's a lifetime commitment to each other and an official recognition of our emotional, mental and physical union. This cynical not marrying type is now looking forward to talking about 'my husband' and being a wife to my best friend.

GU Soulmates - Jim and Tamsin

Thanks so much Tamsin.  I'll keep you all posted when there's more to reveal.  Just type your email address into the field at the bottom of the page and hit Sign me Up for the next episode of Tamsin and Jim's green wedding journey.

Tamsin runs a digital design, training and support service to individuals and businesses throughout Somerset, Dorset, Devon, Wiltshire, Bristol, Bath and the surrounding areas, Digital Carrot, and plans to role out a wedding website service for other couples planning to save on paper and printing for their wedding invitations.

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