WEDDING PLANNING: Keeping everyone happy as you plan your wedding

18th February 2016

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Wedding planning is fun … isn’t it?

It's supposed to be the biggest day of your life, but in a good way, so the lead up to your wedding shouldn't be as stressful as most bride's seem to find it.  With the best will in the world, even the calmest, most organised or laid back bride can find Bridezilla rearing her ugly head from time to time, your first battle will be spotting the things that trigger her arrival.  

Remember what's important.  

It's a day of celebration.  Celebrating your love, celebrating new family, old friendships, perhaps remembering those who can't be with you.  It's a day to look your most beautiful, absolutely, and you want everything to be perfect, but remember everyone else wants your wedding day to be perfect too.  So how do you turn overbearing, interfering family and friends into your closest allies?

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What triggers your Bridezilla?  

Is it the small details that really get you worked up, or the things that should really matter?  Everyone is different, so different things will be important to you.  I'd recommend making a list of your 3 most important things.  It might be that you look fabulous, it might be that the food should be excellent, it might be that all the kids attending have a ball, or that your grandma is made to feel special and looked after. 

Whatever your priorities are, write them down and put them up somewhere where you can see them, then when you start to feel like it's all a bit overwhelming go back to basics and remind yourself why you are doing this and what's most important to you.

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Ask for help.  

This will be the scary bit, and will involve a little relaxing of the reigns, but try and remember people don't want to ruin your day.  They really don't, I promise.  Think of little things that you actually don't want to do yourself.  Do you really want to read through the terms and conditions of every supplier?  Do you really need to stick the ribbon onto every single order of service?  I'm pretty sure that if you think about the things that take the time to do, there are people who, with a little (or a lot) of instruction will be perfectly capable and happy to do these things for you, even if it's a small thing.

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Giving people a job to do will get them on side and keep them busy,  because trust me, when you are given a 'wedding' job to do, you want to make it look amazing for the bride and groom.  You can check on their progress regularly if you are really worried, but usually people will surpass your expectations.  

Have a little fun

Take a day a week when you and your partner don't talk wedding.  At first this will be easy, but as the big day approaches it'll get more difficult.  Why not book a few nights away, or fun activities in advance of your wedding day, so you have set things to do that are not wedding related.  

Don't bore your friends to death every time you see them, with your latest wedding story, talk about and do other things.  It's hard to keep a perspective on the world when all you think of is one day. 

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It's an emotional time for everyone

You'll probably find that many of your family members are emotional, they are remembering their own wedding day, they are remembering you growing up, they might feel sad that you are moving away or embarking on a great adventure they can't be part of.  It's because they love you.  Try and be gentle with them, it's your big day, but you will always be about more than this one day, and it will mean something different and special to each and every one of your guests. 

Happy planning!

If you would like to talk to Claire about your wedding and seek her help with a part, or all of your wedding planning then get in touch by emailing and Claire will get back to you.

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