WEDDING PLANNING: 10 easy ways to get your wedding budget on track with FREE downloadable budget planner

21st January 2016


Over the next weeks and months, along with Green Union’s very own eco friendly wedding planning consultant, Claire de la Motte, we've got loads of practical things to talk about (like wedding budgets) and getting organised … essential to a smooth and thoroughly joyous wedding planning journey.

This week the lovely Claire is kicking us off with 10 easy things you may not have thought about but will be invaluable to your sanity no matter what your wedding budget.

"A Budget is telling your money where to go before you wonder where it went"  Dave Ramsey

"You’re just embarking on planning your wedding and, I know, sometimes it feels like a budget will just cramp your style, your artistic flair and the wedding of your dreams.  It won't, I promise! 

Think of it this way, the more you save now the more you'll have later for all those last minute details, those things people really notice like a well thought out favour or, better still, a bigger donation to your favourite charity and the satisfaction of knowing that your big day has been a blessing for someone else.  

It’s estimated that the average wedding in the UK cost over £20 000 last year, but even if your budget is a small one, its great practice to think about what your priorities are. 

Ethical and Fairtrade engagement ring by Ingle and Rhode So I’ve put together 10 things you may not have thought about but will be invaluable to your sanity no matter what your wedding budget

1. Where’s the money coming from?  

Are you saving up for the big day yourselves or will family members or even friends contribute?  If you are unsure whether anyone is going to help, don’t factor this into your budget until you have spoken to them and you’re sure how much they are giving.  

2.  It’s as much about when as what

If you are receiving contributions to your wedding budget, try and (tactfully) find out when the funds might be available, so you can factor in whether you’ll be able to use them for the initial outlay of large deposits or for final payments closer to the wedding date.

3.  Leave the biggest to last  

Usually your venue and catering are going to be your biggest cost, so when you start planning your budget, avoid setting the amount on these until you have set the cost on everything else.  That sounds backwards I know, but the fact is there are a huge number of venues and caterers to choose from and you don't want to find you run out of money at the first hurdle and realise you haven't booked a photographer or worse, you haven't allowed for the cost of the registrar!  

Oak table names hand crafted by Bespoke Green Oak

4.  It’s YOUR wedding

What makes your wedding unique is not the venue, it's the personal touches.  So think about all the little things that will make it yours.  For instance photos of you growing up, or your love story starting a few generations back to include loved one’s who can’t be with you.

5.  Change your mindset

Don’t think of ‘making savings’, think of involving your nearest and dearest in your special day.  Make a list of your talented and helpful friends who'd love to make your cake or decorate your venue.  Get creative with ideas on how you can save on little things, make things, personalise items.  

6.  Don't blow it all at once

Finding suppliers that are reliable and reasonable isn't always easy when you've never planned a wedding before, so make sure you ask for referrals from friends or experts. Take the time to ask for help.

7.  Less is more - later

This is true from two sides.  Firstly, once you’ve got a picture in your head of what you want, don’t spend hours on Pinterest confusing yourself. Remember, a lot of images have been styled for photography or Photoshopped to look perfect.  Too many ideas mashed together could land up looking confused.  On the other hand don’t stop looking for inspiration, all those little savings you make early on could mean you can actually afford that stunning cake topper you just found and fell in love with two days before the wedding!

Image: Claudia Rose Carter - all the little details ...

8.  Contingency  

Try and allow for some contingency. Things do go wrong, people or suppliers can let you down and sometimes a few little things you haven’t quite factored in can add up making a big dent in your budget. Have a safety net.

9.  One more time  

Write it all down, add it all up, and then talk through it again with your partner, making sure you are both happy that you have considered both your priorities in the details of the day and the style and atmosphere you want to create.  

10.  And finally…

Once you’re sure you've got all the bits you want then see what's left for the venue and food.  This should mean you choose a venue and catering well within budget.  

I know it all sounds really boring but your budget can open up all sorts of ideas, when you just don't have enough to cover everything, that's when you get most creative!

I'm sure you don't want to start this exciting new chapter of your life in debt and 'necessity is the mother of invention!"

Thanks Claire!

And to help you get your wedding budget off to a flying start we've put together this Simple Budget Worksheet which you can download here and print out for absolutely FREE!

Download this FREE wedding budget planner for a flying start!

If you would like to talk to Claire about your wedding and seek her help with a part, or all of your wedding planning then get in touch by emailing and Claire will get back to you.

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