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17th August 2015


It’s not that people enjoy set courses less than they used to, but rather that they are embracing the flexibility and fun afforded by modern weddings.  Happy couples and supportive guests everywhere are ready and willing to try something new, and often, going back to basics can result in the most enjoyable and unique of experiences. Take picnic weddings, for example ...

This super-simple but very effective type of celebration is starting to take the wedding world by storm, and for good reason!  Practical and easy, as well as planet and pocket-friendly, these picnic functions are a winner all-round.  But how do you go about throwing one? Well, keeping things sweet and simple is always the best policy, but if you want some hints and tips on the eats, the entertainment and how to make the overall experience one to remember, then read on ...

Focus on getting good eats:

Of course, any good picnic is all about the food, and a wedding picnic should be no different. But what do you do when it comes to feeding anything between 50 and 300 guests? Well, you have several options.

You could give each “table” - in this case, blanket - a well-stocked hamper. A choice of sandwiches, sides, salads and drinks, as well as a selection of cakes and desserts. This way, you can give each group of wedding guests a variety so that people can build their own meals; a small-scale buffet of sorts.

Fill you picnic hampers with delicious goodies and a bottle of champagne!

Alternatively, you could pack up individual hampers. Handpicked eco-friendly party supplier Little Cherry is the perfect place to look for sustainably sourced, recyclable picnic hampers plus all the disposable tableware a wedding picnic could ever want.  Their picnic hampers are superbly stylish and well-designed for groups of four and six. Alternatively, their recyclable lunch boxes are made of the same material, with the added bonus of being able to cater for individuals as, and when, necessary.

Get as many as you need (one per guest with a few extra, just in case) and split them into two groups, with a separate menu for each, listed on a blackboard to save printing individual labels.  Guests can then pick their preferred meal choice on the way to their blanket, and you don’t have to worry about service, timing or who had the salmon!

And what do you pack in such hampers?  Well here are some ideas ...

For starters you could serve Greek salad skewers, Olives and antipasti, Cheese and/or pate and crackers

For mains, the simple Sandwich, Mini picnic favourites like pork pies, savoury eggs and little quiches, Tapas style bites

Delicious desserts could be Scones and/or wedding cake, Mini Eton messes, Punnets of strawberries with cream

Beverages like lemonade and iced tea in individual bottles or a small bottle of the couple’s signature wedding cocktail could be included in every hamper

Party snacks like Popcorn, Nuts, home made sweets and pretzels always to down well too.

Dessert of strawberries, meringues and cream in disposable eco-frendly containers

Have some fun!

Entertainment is all part of a perfect wedding do and just like the menu, when it comes to a picnic wedding, you want to keep the entertainment low-key and fun so, with easy-to-enjoy entertainment that suits a back garden just as well as it does a country estate, you’re sure to keep your wedding guests entertained and enthusiastic, all day and through the night. Unless your heart is set on a full jazz band and circus troupe, you could try some of these:

Lawn games like croquet, skittles, boules, giant chess (the list is endless) will provide hours of fun for all.
For a relaxed and romantic occasion, an acoustic musician is perfect
A picture frame photo booth is always a fun way to capture lots of snaps for the photo album, especially when you supply your own fun props for you wedding guests to use!
Let your guests show off their unique talents with a good old-fashioned talent show; after all, we’re all friends and family, right?
Hiring a vintage bicycle or tandem for a spot of nostalgic wedding entertainment is sure to work a treat; indeed, whilst you’re outside for the do, you might as well make the most of it!

It’s all about the experience, as long as you have all the right kit (picnic hampers, blankets, food, drinks, decorations, entertainment, etc.) you can leave the rigid and regimental planning of traditional sit-down weddings behind.

Stocking generic baskets with a variety of different foods, or getting your guests to bring their own dishes, blankets and bottles will save both time and money. Plus, leaving people to seat themselves on picnic benches and blankets will reduce the stress of awkward moments and the headache of drafting umpteen seating plans!

Disposable eco friendly cutlery and crockery makes the clean up easy!

You’ll also find that a picnic wedding has less of a sting in its tail, especially where cost and clean-up are concerned. Unlike the expense of having to hire tables, chairs, catering and so on, the costs associated with a picnic wedding are usually much lower.  And as for cleanup duty, when you go round tidying after a picnic party, especially one kitted out with Little Cherry party supplies - from biodegradable balloons and tableware to recyclable picnic hampers and organic candles - the waste will be minimal.  If it can’t be composted, it can be recycled, and there should be no washing up or dismantling of furniture to contend with.

So opt for an easy life with a relaxed and personal picnic at your wedding reception, suitable for all ages and tastes. As well as being a fun and memorable experience, you can rest assured that your big day is not only planet-friendly, but pocket friendly too!

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