SUPPLIER FOCUS: Stunning Tipis for Couples Planning to get Wed in the South East of England

3rd August 2015


When The Stunning Tents Company opened its flaps in 2004, the only tents couples could hire for their outdoor weddings were either those horrid plastic framed marquees with plastic windows (so not eco friendly) or the ubiquitous traditional canvas marquees. Now don’t get me wrong, a traditional pole marquee is lovely, I think the canvas is beautiful and it suits lots of couples, but not everyone wants to have the same look for their wedding - white, traditional, guy ropes and coir matting.  The trend for more unique and individual weddings was gathering pace and the idea of starting a business supplying innovative structures to creative people was a revolutionary one way back then.

Stunning wedding tipis joined together to create a magnificent space

A yurt, a small teepee and Ouled Nail were quite unique at the time but it quickly became clear to the team that couples needed bigger structures to entertain their guests and protect them from the weather. So, after a world wide search for something both large and equally ‘stunning’, the tipis that the company still uses today were found in the far north of Sweden.  Made using natural canvas and sustainable birch poles, the large tipis were considered a great 'green wedding' option so they placed their very first order - 6 Giant Hats followed, creating a bit of a stir and the original wedding teepee team began supplying their their tents to ‘stunning’ outdoor weddings around the UK.  It was at about this time that Green Union was first established and I met the team at The Stunning Tents Company for the very first time …

Joining several Giant Hat tipis together creates a great space inside

And I was blown away by the tents, both by the spaces inside and their adaptability and I still love them.  The solid wooden poles and a light tan-coloured canvas produces a natural ambience that's really like nothing else.  A lot of other people were impressed and a new trend in wedding tents swept the country!  

Over the years the lovely team at The Stunning Tents Company have creatively adapted their tents to suit every whim, designing, developing and testing new techniques for linking the Giant Hats, including the famous Firecracker, which takes the tipi to a new level of event.  It creates a single structure up to 30m wide!

Long trestle tables hand made for The Stunning Tents Company in Sweden

They also started to design and manufacture other items such as their custom built weather proof tipi-coloured walkway and solid oak double doors to name just a few. With their collection of innovative furnishings such as wooden tables, benches, reindeer skins, rustic furniture, cushions, cowhide upholstered ottomans and fire places, they can transform the tipis into beautiful summer spaces or warm and cosy winter venues.  In fact nothing will deter the crew and regardless of weather conditions I know that, with their track record over the years, they will deliver 100% of their bookings on time and with a smile, albeit a soggy one, at times!

Warm welcome to our wedding directory Stunning Tents

Bespoke ottomans for the chill out zone

Stunning interiors by The Stunning Tents Company“Just to say how delighted we were with the Tents, the Little Hat and all the bits and pieces that went with it. Dave and his team were great putting them up as were the others taking it all down on Monday, and everything went so smoothly.  The wedding day was magical as was our party on the Sunday - in the dark the tents looked spectacular, so beautifully lit and so atmospheric. With very many thanks and best wishes.”  Richard and Sally, Brighton, April 2015

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