INSPIRATION: What to wear in your hair on your wedding day

31st July 2015


Getting your hair right for your wedding day can involve a lot of work; testing different hairdressers, trying various styles, making the tough decision between wearing your hair up or down - all so you can feel glamorous and perfect on the big day.  But choosing your style is just the beginning and adding some hair jewellery can really pull your look together in a way you may not have imagined.

There are so many different bridal hair pieces, from tiaras to clips and combs that can perfect any look, but it can difficult deciding which one will work best for you and match your style of hair or dress.  For example if you’re having your hair up, will you have a bun, braids or a knot?

Beautiful wedding tiara by Arabel Lebrusan

Whatever you decide, up, down or even half up and down, there are hair jewels to match the style you choose:

  • Hair up in a bun: use a bun clip, or tiaras for a sophisticated style
  • Hair down: small clips or a tiara can create a boho chic, hippy style
  • Half up: go for some diamond clips for that classic style
  • If you’re planning on plaits or other hair work: small slides around the plaits will add extra detail

The key is to look at all the different hair jewels in your style from various angles, because jewellery will look different from different view-points.  Most importantly, the size and shape of your headpiece will determine how it looks from a distance.  And always keep an open mind because you might find that, just as may have happened when choosing your wedding dress, the jewels you thought would work may not seem quite right once you try them in your hair, but the ones you weren’t sure of may seem absolutely perfect!

Sweet little wedding hair clips by Arabel Lebrusan

If you're using a hairdresser, he/she will always work with you to help you decide on the right bridal jewellery and where it should be placed. Work with them to try on different styles of jewel and where it sits on your head and how it nestles into your hair. You need to be happy with the look and, most of all, content as to where the piece is positioned on your head as it needs to sit comfortably throughout the whole day.

As with everything else on your wedding day your accessories, including your hair jewellery, should enhance and complement your chosen wedding style, not distract from it.  Although you may absolutely love a certain head piece make sure it fits with your look - often brides can get too focussed and concentrate too much on specifics rather than the overall look.

Of course the best bit is that although it seems as though you are making a huge investment for only one day, where a special piece of jewellery is concerned, you can use it over and over again creating stunning hair styles plus, the original wedding jewels will become beautiful heirlooms to be passed down generations to come!  How perfect is that?

Handpicked Green Union partners Arabel Lebrusan and Tessara have created a collection of tiaras and hairpieces to enhance the beauty of any bride on their wedding day. Inspired by the delicacy of nature and natural shapes such as flowers and leaves, each piece is handmade in sterling silver. You can see the full collection on their bridal hair jewellery page.


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