SUPPLIER FOCUS: Why you should use Gooder London’s wedding car to get you to the church on time!

18th May 2015


Wedding transport is a tricky area for couples wanting to save on carbon emissions on their wedding day, so we've come up with an elegant and sophisticated solution for you …

The fabulous Tesla S, owned and driven by the lovely duo, Raffaele and Alberto, of Gooder London.  I’m delighted to say they have just joined Green Union’s wedding directory.

The fabulous Tesla S - a sophisticated car with 0% emissions

Who would have thought that a car which is carbon neutral and produces 0% tailpipe emissions could look so good?  Now I know not everyone would want to get to the church in a sleek Tesla S. Let’s face it some brides choose horses, carts, London busses, tractors that run on chip fat and even good old fashioned feet, but when a girl wants to arrive in automotive style and still save on her carbon emissions then here’s the answer, at last!  And you could book a fleet of cars to transport your mother in law and bridal party too.

The beautiful carbon neutral Tesla S wedding car from Gooder London

Curious about his claims, I cross examined Raffaele and he proved passionate about offering an impeccable eco friendly transport service with a plan to accelerate the wider acceptance of electric cars, creating a better future for London and the UK.  He came up with some amazing statistics about pollution in UK, and London in particular, telling me how renewable energy and the use of electric cars can improve life in the city; he also said he felt it very important to try and get the company’s passion for these sleek electric cars over to others and he wants to have as many people as possible actually riding in their Tesla in order to really understand what a huge difference this car can make to the modern world - weird but true!

Gooder is also committed to giving a % of their miles to charity and are asking clients to name charities that could put the Tesla S to good use - love this idea!

So if you’re thinking of a limousine for your wedding then check out their website at or email Raffaele and Alberto on and get them to give you a test ride while filling you in on all the statistics and details of the car they are so passionate about.

They do promise not to bore you with stats on your way to the church, though!


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