SUPPLIER FOCUS: Harvesting flowers for your British Flower Petal wedding confetti

10th July 2014

Have you ever wondered where your flower petal wedding confetti comes from and how they make it?


Well the very best of British flower confetti HAS to be from Shropshire Petals, who grow all their flowers at the family-run Lynn South Farm, set in beautiful Shropshire countryside surrounded by fields and pretty villages. Now, in mid summer the flowers are all standing tall in the fields and it's nearing the time when everyone's gearing up for the big harvest which starts any day soon.


The flowers are drilled in March/April and carefully tended to and weeded before they flower in July/August. This is when the exciting harvesting begins. Once the flowers are blooming, they are delicately handpicked in the fields and transported to a special de-petalling shed and the laborious de-petalling process starts. There is a very tight window to harvest all of the petals as they only bloom for around 4 - 6 weeks of the year. Once all of the petals are skilfully taken off, they are dried, stored and hand packed with love to send out to couples for their wedding day. This year they aim to harvest around 165 million petals!


Shropshire Petals never add any dyes or colours to their petals, keeping them 100% natural and biodegradable. The team can still recall their very first order: 4 litres of petals; one of lilac, one of pink and two mixed colours; these days they are called Amethyst, Candyfloss and Kaleidoscope.

Now they grow all the colours of the rainbow and each year trial new colours and while this doesn’t always work out as planned, a couple of years ago they grew a lilac petal which turned out to be grey once dried - accidentally they had produced a beautiful vintage grey petal which has been a top seller ever since!


Shropshire Petals,an approved Green Union partner, grow and produce natural petal confetti on their Shropshire farm and all of their petals are 100% natural, biodegradable and eco-friendly; churches and venues love them! You can pick and mix your very own unique confetti mix for your wedding choosing from Delphinium, Rose, Hydrangea, Cornflower and many other petals in a variety of pretty colours.

Visit Shropshire Petals or email for more information.

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