SUPPLIER FOCUS: Power your wedding with pedal power!

7th July 2014

Now this really is an amazing idea that you should consider having at your green wedding - power all your lighting and music with pedal power!


That's right, the lovely Tom at Reaction Power Systems got in touch last week to tell me all about his bike powered generators and it really is an impressive set up that means all your music and lighting can be powered by your wedding guests who will have an absolute ball in the process!


Why use pedal power, you ask? Well Tom tells us that his bike (and wedding guest) powered generators are super quiet which means your wedding will be a whole lot more peaceful and less smelly since there won't be a diesel generator chugging away in the background, creating evil fumes around your beautifully decorated wedding venue. So, fresher air for everyone and no need to ramp up the volume on the music to compete with the sound of the generators.

If you're throwing an outdoor wedding and need to bring in your own power system this really is a natural solution to the knotty question of how to keep your wedding as eco-friendly as possible.


When you contract Reaction Power Systems they offer the total package of sound system and power generation all in one bundle, so you can save on your budget when you hire the whole lot from them. It also means the chances that the chance of faulty equipment causing technical problems and spoiling your day is hugely reduced. And on top of all that your wedding guests will enjoy great quality sound, burn off some of their energy helping to pedal the system, and have a whole lot of fun - they'll be talking about your wedding for a long time to come!

There's a great article here - more of a nitty gritty case study of how the bikes work, what power they generate and why it's such a great idea.

I totally LOVE the idea of having your wedding guests participate so wholeheartedly when they 'get on their bikes' to pedal the power for your very special day of fun.

Check out their website which gives you all the technical information of how the system works, what to expect from them and what you save by using them. Tom says they are particularly keen to power green weddings in a natural way so would love to hear from you.

Reaction Power Systems have got a new page on Facebook. Like them and you'll get the latest buzz.

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