It’s booked!!

11th June 2009

summer_roses.jpgAfter much umm-ing and ahh-ing, a dinner tasting and a good look around, (actually twice!) we have finally booked our wedding venue! We have gone for something a little different for the day, well actually two days, this decision was reached for a number of reasons some of them eco centered.

Weddings have a tendency of getting big, growing in fact right before your eyes, becoming all consuming, but if you’re concerned by the basic waste, money and miles this will effect, have you considered doing a two date affair?

Basically we are having a very small ceremony and dinner, it looks like 14 of us on a Wednesday, and then a cheap and cheerful party the following Saturday, ’two do’s’ you say, surely that can’t be very eco, that’s just extravagance no? Well no, we hope.

This has two main outcomes for us. Intimacy and affordability. But will also, I hope, keep it eco centered.

So the ceremony, with our very nearest and dearest family and friends, parents, best man, etc. means that afterwards, for the wedding breakfast, we can eat at one table, enjoy really good local food in a beautiful private dining room, the same room in which we will earlier have been married, and we can all stay over in the same place keeping travel miles low. Intimate, relaxed and personal. One room to decorate, 14 mouths to feed, no going to or fro!

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