ADVICE - How to Plan an Eco-Friendly International Destination Wedding

8th September 2020

ADVICE - How to Plan an Eco-Friendly International Destination Wedding So you’ve decided to be adventurous and plan an eco-friendly wedding overseas? How exciting! International weddings have grown in popularity with 25% being destination weddings. While it sounds like a beautiful and classy way to kick-off married life, it can also be quite challenging. 

You must deal with cultures you aren’t familiar with and come up with an event plan that will go over well in a country you may not know much about. Add on top of that, the challenge of planning eco-friendly solutions when your options may already be limited. 

Not to worry! We have a few simple strategies that you can use to plan a fabulous, yet environmentally sound wedding overseas.

Research Location-Specific Environmental Initiatives

You may have your own ideas of how to make your wedding eco-friendly, but satisfying every one of your requirements may not be feasible in a foreign country. You might have an easier time planning if you research the country beforehand, their green initiatives, and what resources you have available to you there. 

Pick an Outdoor Venue

The venue is likely the most important piece of the wedding puzzle and if you’re aiming for an eco-friendly wedding, the best thing you can do to cut down on energy consumption is to get married outdoors. There are many great options, depending on the region, such as a farm, vineyard, or any open space that overlooks some fantastic, natural scenery. Don’t worry, most professional venues will have nearby facilities like restrooms.

Book an Acoustic Band

Another great idea is to book an acoustic band for your wedding. Not only does acoustic music mesh well with the whole earth-friendly vibe, but acoustic instruments also tend to be made with more sustainable materials and require fewer resources. 

Use Recycled Paper for Invitations or Send Virtual Invitations

As you likely know, millions of trees are destroyed each year to make paper products and the production process is harmful to the environment. We recommend keeping your invitations simple and swapping either the invite or the save-the-date, or both for paperless invitations. If you insist on physical invites, there are many companies that use recycled products and vegetable-based inks to create sustainable invitations. Some eco-friendly companies include The Windmill Paper BoutiqueBotanical Paper Works, and Crane & Co.

Use Organic Flowers & Catering

While you certainly know that not all food choices are organic, believe it or not, not all flower arrangements and bouquets are environmentally safe either! Some are treated with chemicals to preserve them longer. So, to make sure that in addition to choosing organic catering options for your wedding, you also choose sustainable blooms. Find vendors that select blooms direct-to-consumer without any treatment and caterers that focus on organic food choices and sustainable food products like storage containers, plates, cups, and cutlery.

Sustainable Wedding Attire

Another great option is to rent wedding attire, or you can perhaps wear a hand-me-down from a dear relative. If the gown is out of date or ill-fitting, you could always work with a seamstress to adjust for fit and give it a more current look. An alternative is to visit consignment shops or vintage clothing shops. Believe it or not, you could find a real gem for your eco-friendly wedding dress.

Ask for Help

Even if you don’t think you need help or advice in the planning of your international wedding event, you may find valuable information by asking others in your network about their experiences. There are many online event planning resources where you can communicate with others in your field including social media groups, forums, and more.

Hosting an international wedding event takes a lot of research and planning. Network with others, learn about different cultures and ask for help to host a well-organised event. We wish you luck in your endeavours.

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