ADVICE - 5 Ideas for Your Intimate Green Wedding

6th August 2020

Not only can weddings easily rack up a high price tag, but they can also have a substantial effect on the environment, too — especially if they’re not planned with being green in mind. If you’re actively looking to take the right steps to have the most environmentally-conscious wedding possible, then there are many things you can do which won’t sacrifice on the intimacy or enjoyment of your special day. 

Opt for Environmental Wedding Favours

Eliminate traditional wedding favours and replace instead with anything which will help good causes or the environment. You could gift flowers or plant seeds which can help your guests’ gardens thrive as well as help any wildlife in the area when planted. Or, you could choose a donation to wildlife or environmental causes as a wedding favour instead of a physical gift. 

Request Green Gifts 

Kindly request of your guests that any gifts be given with the environment in mind. This could involve both the gift itself and the packaging it comes in. Your guests can, therefore, eliminate any plastic or paper packaging, or purchase gifts made from recycled materials. Other options could include planting a tree in your name or asking guests to make a donation in your name to an environmental cause as a gift instead. 

Secure an Eco-Friendly Venue 

You want your wedding venue to hold the same green values as you do, so make sure to take the time to find the perfect venue, not only for your wedding but for the environment, too. If you have found the ideal green venue but have a strict deposit deadline, you can always use a short term loan to put down a deposit and secure this perfect venue and pay it off at a later date. That way, you can rest easy knowing your environmentally-aware venue is covered. 

Be Aware With Your Invitations 

It’s always exciting to plan beautiful and official wedding invitations. If you’re absolutely set on wanting physical invitations to post to your loved ones for your wedding, then take the time to source suppliers who use recycled paper and packaging. Or, create your own using recycled (and recyclable) materials. 

If you’re happy to eliminate paper invitations altogether, you can do so by planning out e-invitations or another form of electronic invitation to forego paper altogether. 

Go Green With Your Food 

It’s a good idea to source your wedding food locally so that you can eliminate any unnecessary packaging or carbon footprint. Locally sourced food may be able to come from suppliers close to your wedding venue, or maybe the venue itself has a local supply. 

Vegan and vegetarian options will eliminate the effect on the environment even more (as shown through this article from Down to Earth), but naturally, your food options should take into account your guests, too, if they’re not all vegetarian. However, limiting the meat options as much as possible will make a difference. 

As you can see, taking these options will help the environment whilst not causing any compromise for your big day.


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