INSPIRATION - Introducing A New Sustainable And Affordable New Digital Stationery Service by Saorsa Events

2nd August 2020

E-Invites, digital stationery and ‘Save The Date’ alternatives are gaining in popularity in the wedding world, fast! They’re more affordable than their tactile counter-parts and ticking all the green boxes in sustainable tree-loving ways. Given the current economic environment and environmental climate, they’re a great way to invite your loved ones no matter the postal service or lack thereof, to your wedding in this brave new world. Saorsa Events recently launched their very own in-house digital wedding collection of stationery services and we’re all about it!

For as little as £33 for the basic digital stationery set offerings, moving up to £77 for a bespoke set designed from scratch, Saorsa Events can serve the thrifty to frivolous couples we know and love equally, along with our eco-conscious lovers looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

Wedding sets include the following:

  • Save The Date
  • Invitation
  • Menu (optional)
  • Thank You Card

Staci, Creative Director of Dubai-based Saorsa Events explains her inspiration for her new creations:

"I came up with the idea of an electronic wedding collection after watching a documentary on climate change. I was shocked to find out about the amount of paper each household wastes per year. I was honestly moved to not only change my lifestyle but also my business. That’s why I decided to add an environmentally friendly service for couples planning their wedding, which would undoubtedly include stationery. I still wanted to add that personal touch, so I make sure that I have that 1-1 interaction with the couple to find out their story and design an E-Invite set based on their unique style, passion and hobbies. Ensuring that they’re an affordable, quick and easy service option for busy professionals is also especially important during these unprecedented times that we’re all facing, where plans can change with the wind".

Staci is best known for her wedding planning and styling, which is what makes this new development in her business all the more interesting. It’s clear that whilst looking at the big picture, she understands that sometimes, it’s the smaller details that can really set one big day aside from another. This philosophy definitely shines through in the Saorsa Events E-Invites where each package offers an animated element to truly personalise and connect the recipient to the couple; If you’re the lucky couple who got the proposal on camera, you can include it as the central element of your save the date to really share in the emotion and significance of the day; or perhaps you already share a fur-baby and want to extend the invite from all three of you? The options are limitless and truly one of a kind!

Save our planet and go PAPERLESS - check out Saorsa Events E-Invite sets here!


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