ADVICE - This Comprehensive Eco Wedding Guide Is A Must-Read!

29th June 2020

Last Winter I had every intention of compiling my own guide to planning an eco-friendly wedding - well, like many of the best-laid plans, it didn't happen! Of course, the GREEN UNION blog is full of inspiration, and pulling it all together super-concisely is still on the agenda; but for now, I'm happy to be able to point you to this guide which does a great job of outlining the eco-essentials (and I'm pleased to say that we get a name-check, too).

'The Guide to Sustainable, Zero-Waste, Ethical Weddingscontains useful information such as:

  • An in-depth look at sustainable and ethical weddings - why they are important and how choosing a green wedding helps reduce the strain on the environment.
  • Eye-opening statistics about the carbon footprint and waste generated by weddings and the wedding industry as a whole (did you know that around 4,910 tonnes of non-recyclable plastics are used up by weddings annually?)
  • How to plan a sustainable wedding - including plenty of tips on finding green wedding planners and suppliers, eco-friendly wedding venues, organic and zero-waste food and catering, and other helpful resources.
  • Other useful green wedding resources, organisations, and zero-waste tips and advice to help make weddings more ethically-conscious and environmentally friendly.

Check it out!

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