ADVICE - 6 Tips On Writing The Best Wedding Vows

20th July 2020

ADVICE - 6 Tips On Writing The Best Wedding VowsWhen we think of wedding vows, we think of telling our significant other how much we love them through the written word. It’s an intimate moment during a wedding ceremony, where the soon-to-be husband and wife expresses their love and devotion to one another. 

Nowadays, many couples opt for writing their own vows, rather than settle for traditional ones. While writing your own vows may sound creative and intimate at first, with all writing tasks comes writer’s block. You want your vows to sound beautiful and meaningful, but you might be afraid of sounding awkward or inauthentic. 

Want to write good vows, but don’t want the writer’s block and structure? The good news is that you don’t have to restrict yourself from anything, just as long as you know what you’re doing. Here are six great tips on how to write vows that are beautiful and meaningful!

1. Obtain A Blessing

“First, you may want to ask for a blessing from your officiant and or church, before you start writing your vows,” says Zara Merrett, a wedding writer at Oxessays and Academized. “Just keep in mind that some faiths and religions won’t allow personal vows and expressions, while others want you to recite traditional vows before saying yours.”

2. Specify

Specificity is extremely important when it comes to writing vows. If you must add some details in your vows, then put them in, just as long as they make sense to the audience (or the special someone) hearing it. Vague details tend to not be specific enough, especially if they take up most of the vows. Quotes from stories, special Valentine’s Day cards, etc. may suffice – but again, they have to be specific and make sense to the recipient. 

3. Be Short And On Point

It’s important to remember that you’re writing down your vows, not a novel. (That’s one fear out of the way!) Try focusing on what makes your relationship with your love special. Think about how that person feels about you, and how you feel about them. Does it stand out? Write it down! 

But is there a word count? Well, yes and no. Yes, because some wedding experts recommend a maximum of 350 words; but no, because you shouldn’t have to strain yourself in keeping the word count, if you know how to keep it short and sweet. 

4. No Clichés

As you keep the amount of wording in mind, also think about what you say. Try to avoid clichés, as much as possible. One or two clichés are okay, but don’t overflood your vows with a lot of clichés, or else you’ll come off as pretentious. Again, focus on the most intimate moments and special times in your relationship. A story can work in place of clichés, because it shows your genuine love for the other person. Although there are exceptions to this rule, try to make them count. 

5. Have A Good Balance Of Humor And Sincerity

“Comedic remarks are okay, just as long as you don’t overload your vows with them,” says Makayla Tayler, an editor at PaperFellows and State Of Writing. “The purpose of vows is to tell your significant other how much you love them. If you want your vows to be memorable, then maybe add a joke here and there. However, you can’t forget the earnest words, which help you to be sincere in your approach. Though, if you’re not good with humor, then it’s best to leave it out of your vows, instead of trying to force it in. It’s all about sincerity, not satire.”

6. Find A Good Editor

Not sure if your written vows make sense? Then, seek a professional editor!

Editors are the right people for you to send your draft to; and, they would be more than happy to look for any grammatical errors or awkward wording in your work, and suggest any ideas. Or, you can ask a trusted family member or friend to look over your draft. 

And don’t forget: Online tools like BigAssignmentsAssignment Writing ServiceUK Top Writers, and Best British Essays can help edit and proofread your vows.


Although these tips are basic ideas on writing vows, the truth is, they’re not steadfast rules. As long as you know and love the person that you’re marrying, then your wedding vows should match that. Remember: when writing your vows, it has to be heartfelt and meaningful to the audience. 

Beatrix Potter is a writer and editor at Boomessays and UK Writings. She is also an online proofreader at Assignment Writer. Her writing revolves around weddings, and how to make all celebrations memorable and fun.

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