ADVICE - How to Make Your Wedding Entertainment as Green as Possible

27th May 2020

Green Wedding EntertainmentWith climate change proving to be an ever-increasingly important cause, you may want to consider how to make the entertainment at your wedding as green as possible. And rightly so! But that doesn’t mean you need to miss out on quality entertainment. In this article, we will endeavour to point out some of the best tips that might come in useful when planning a fantastic eco wedding.

Use One Entertainment Company

Now not only will this usually save you quite a lot of money, but you will, more importantly, be hugely reducing the amount of travel conducted by having multiple suppliers service your event. Consider, if you will, the difference in one van travelling to an event compared to having a different company provide each service. For instance, if you are having a DJ, Chocolate Fountain, Dance Floor, Photo Booth and Lighting Hire Company – this would mean a minimum of 5 vehicles travelling to your event. If any of these companies lack the infrastructure to offer all of these services, then they may also need their staff to drive in separately – creating further load from a transport perspective.

By having one company take care of all of the above services (or similar), you will usually just have one vehicle transporting all of the equipment to your event and back. They are also more likely to stay on-site for the duration of the event. This is because a lot of smaller companies will use the same vehicles for other events, meaning that the driver may leave the event after set up and return at the end for collection.

Make Your Photo Booth Social

Selfie pod photo booth from Booths by LuxNow Photo Booths admittedly do not use a great deal of energy – as they are just mostly powering a touch screen, camera, strip lighting and a printer. But there is still some paper and ink usage. A great way to make this service as green as possible is to use a Selfie Pod. These are fully self-service, highly interactive booths that provide all the usual perks of a photo booth, but are much more efficient to produce, and require significantly fewer parts. Moreover, they are fully rechargeable, meaning their electrical output is as minimal as possible.

Instead of producing paper print outs, these booths instantly upload the pictures to an online gallery, where guests can view and share their shots on their socials (it also produces gifs – small videos of the pictures back to back), and send to friends. In the modern day, with sites like Instagram being used so regularly, this is actually just as popular as having the old-style print-outs that people have known in the past. It goes without saying that these pods are a fantastic option when planning an eco-friendly wedding.

Choose a DJ over a Band

Bands are known for nearly always travelling in separate vehicles. This is not ideal from an environmental perspective. Most bands come with anywhere from 5-10 playing members, which of course means huge travel implementations. Moreover, they need a LOT of equipment to make their performance happen. Guitarists and Bassists have amps, Drummers have Drum Kits (these are usually acoustic in fairness, but are sometimes electric), and keyboardists and synth players will have further requirements.

Moreover, all of these musicians will need monitoring systems (so that they can hear themselves), as well as a large PA system to produce a full sound. This will also require a further member of staff – a technician – to manage the sound and lighting. You can see where this is going!

A DJ, however, is usually fully self-sufficient. They arrive alone, bringing only the essential equipment needed. If you really want to take it to the next level, consider booking a silent disco. This way, instead of having high-powered speakers that use up 1000s of Watts worth of energy, you’re using headsets that are fully rechargeable. These also work very well to reduce noise complaints as well of course and additionally mean that your guests will have 2 channels of music to choose from, as opposed to just the one that you would usually get with a Band or DJ.

Book Local

Not all couples realise that a lot of the top hits on Google are nationwide suppliers. If your event is in London for instance, there will be a number of companies willing to travel from as far as Manchester to secure your business. They will just see it as a necessary expense that is justified by the profit of the booking. Always try to avoid these companies and support local suppliers, as they are also far less likely to not turn up and cause you a huge headache on the day!

Booking a Green Wedding - In Summary

1) Use one entertainment company for all of your needs where possible.

2) Use a Social Selfie Pod as opposed to a traditional Photo Booth (or make your Photo Booth prints Social Media only).

3) Choose a DJ over a Band; better yet, book a silent disco!

4) Always prioritise booking a local supplier, and be sure to check where the company you are speaking to is actually coming from.

I hope this article provides you with some interesting ideas on how to make your Wedding, or Private Event, more environmentally-friendly. If you have any further questions or thoughts, don’t hesitate to leave a comment!

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