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GREEN UNION is the most established eco-ethical resource in the UK for couples who are planning their wedding day and are mindful of their impact on the world

We’ve been inspiring eco-conscious couples since 2007, and our directory is full of carefully-chosen, eco-conscious and ethical partners in the wedding industry. Never before have we all been more aware of the need to live consciously, ethically, and sustainably. This resonates with what GREEN UNION has always stood for, and so within our pages and through our partners, you will find everything you need to plan your eco-ethical wedding day. Perhaps your wedding is to be a reflection of how you both already live your lives, or maybe it’s the starting point for lasting lifestyle changes - either way, we’re so happy that you found us!


ADVICE - A Guide to Wedding Planning 12 to 9 Months Before the Day by GREEN UNION Partner South Farm

Published: 26th April 2019

GREEN UNION partner South Farm continues their guide to wedding planning in this countdown of what you should be looking to organise between 12 and 9 months prior to your wedding day...

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