About Us

Perhaps you’re wondering who we are and what we’re about.

Drawing on our background in design and based on our personal values, Green Union is committed to helping make your wedding a stylish and sustainable event. We aim to make it straight forward to consider the environment without compromising design for the perfect Eco-chic wedding day celebration.

Founder Rosie Ames is passionate about nature and committed to social justice since her childhood in Africa. Her background of 20 years in fashion design and on-going lifetime commitment to environmental responsibility embodies our ethos of contemporary style with a conscience. She now runs Green Union and her wedding planning business from Catsheys, an organic smallholding in North Devon.

Esther Maughan McLachlan, a marketing and communications specialist with a keen understanding of environmental and social issues and a personal commitment to ‘doing her bit’. A founder member of the Association of Sustainability Practitioners, Esther writes regularly on sustainable consumption for the alternative press. Her biggest disappointment is that downsizing to Devon forced her to learn to drive after 30 years on foot, bike and train. Esther helped in the establishment of Green Union but has since become a Mum and is concentrating on that life project, but advises us from time to time.

David Ames, Rosie's husband and company secretary, is a furniture maker by day. He designs and makes beautiful furniture to commission using sustainable woods and local timber.

Together with other committed and creative individuals, we are pioneering a return to beautiful, meaningful and sustainable celebrations, in an industry which will see over 260,000 couples in the UK get married during 2008 and spending an average of over £19,000 each, totalling at least £4.6 billion annually.

We are all committed to living and working a sustainable life and while none of us claim to be perfect, we make heaps of effort to embrace the guiding principles outlined in our Green Gauge.


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