July 22, 2014

SUPPLIER FOCUS: A unique way to give to Charity

We've just come across another brilliant way for couples to help a charity of their choosing as part of their wedding celebrations...


When I first heard about Make-a-Donation, I wondered where the catch was, but Rosa explained it so well to me that I thought she should tell you all about it in her own words:

"Who are we?
We are a charity donation site which brings together charities, fundraisers and businesses to improve our community - both on a local and a national level.

What is so special about us?
Make-a-Donation is unique in the fact that 100% of the money you raise goes directly to the charity of your choosing. This is unlike other popular donation sites who generally take around 5% of the money raised as fees and then an additional 1.3% for bank transactions. Although 6.3% doesn’t sound like much, that means that for every £100,000 raised, £6,300 will not go to the charity. By using Make a Donation, you can make sure that your charity gets every last penny, with no catches.

It’s our wonderful business partners that pay the fees for the charities, so that they can raise even more money. Businesses can then upload their vouchers onto our website, and these are rewarded to our donors and fundraisers for their generosity.

Our charity wedding gift list:
This gift list is perfect for all couples who want a feel-good factor and an ethical twist on the traditional wedding gift list. Many couples these days are already so well set up at home, that sometimes a wedding list becomes a little redundant. This gift list allows guests to donate to the couple’s favourite charity, in lieu of a wedding present.

The beauty of our gift list is that couples can support ANY charity they want - be it a national charity or a local cause close to their hearts, they just need to let us know who it is and that charity will get it! ALL the donations will go directly to their charity, cutting out any unnecessary pre-wedding hassle!

What’s more - when one of their guests donates to their list, we will reward them with MaD points, which they can then redeem for vouchers on our site. So couples will be able to give back to their guests at the same time!

It’s completely free to create and takes just a few simple steps to be on the way to the ultimate ethical wedding!"


Thanks Rosa, we think this is a great way to make sure that your wedding guests' generosity goes directly and effectively to the charity of your choosing. Check out their dedicated wedding page to easily get started.

Make-a-Donation is an approved Green Union partner. They offer a unique charity gift list for the ultimate ethical wedding. Choose a charity close to your heart and they will ensure that 100% of your guests' donations get there. It's free to use and easy to set up. Plus they reward your guests for every donation, with the chance to redeem exclusive vouchers!

Find out more about Make-a-Donation by going to their website or get in touch with Rosa at info@make-a-donation.org

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July 17, 2014

SUPPLIER FOCUS: ATC puts the 'GLAM' into Glamping!

We know and love them as Arabian Tents (ATC for short) and we LOVE their idea of putting the GLAM back into Glamping, especially when it comes to offering your wedding guests some unique and luxury accommodation.


Katherine, founder of the Arabian Tent Company, came over recently to tell us all about it:

"Everyone loves the thought of long summer days and starry nights under canvas in the heart of the English countryside. The sound of birds singing, crickets chirping, the sizzle of a BBQ, the gentle glug, glug of wine being poured. For a relaxing weekend away with friends and family, nothing beats that unique combination of a home from home in the heart of nature.

But for some, the romance and the reality can be too far apart. Sagging guy ropes, dodgy weather and back-crippling interiors can take all the fun out of that ‘back to nature’ experience. And for others, even the thought of shaking a tent out of its bag and grappling with bendy poles, fly sheets and damp sleeping bags sends a shiver down the spine. There has to be another way.


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July 15, 2014

SUPPLIER FOCUS: Special Event Tipis joins Green Union

Today we extend a hugely warm welcome to the lovely tent people Special Event Tipis. Having them join Green Union's wedding directory means we can now offer tents to all the lovely couples planning to tie the knot in the north of England and North of the border who have been asking us to recommend a supplier of these beautiful Sámi people’s Tipis (also known as Tepees, Katas or Big Hats).


With two bases - one in Newcastle and another in Cumbria, special Event Tipis can supply their tents all over the Lake District, North Yorkshire, Southern Scotland, Northumbria and Lancashire.


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July 10, 2014

SUPPLIER FOCUS: Harvesting flowers for your British Flower Petal wedding confetti

Have you ever wondered where your flower petal wedding confetti comes from and how they make it?


Well the very best of British flower confetti HAS to be from Shropshire Petals, who grow all their flowers at the family-run Lynn South Farm, set in beautiful Shropshire countryside surrounded by fields and pretty villages. Now, in mid summer the flowers are all standing tall in the fields and it's nearing the time when everyone's gearing up for the big harvest which starts any day soon.


The flowers are drilled in March/April and carefully tended to and weeded before they flower in July/August. This is when the exciting harvesting begins. Once the flowers are blooming, they are delicately handpicked in the fields and transported to a special de-petalling shed and the laborious de-petalling process starts. There is a very tight window to harvest all of the petals as they only bloom for around 4 – 6 weeks of the year. Once all of the petals are skilfully taken off, they are dried, stored and hand packed with love to send out to couples for their wedding day. This year they aim to harvest around 165 million petals!


Shropshire Petals never add any dyes or colours to their petals, keeping them 100% natural and biodegradable. The team can still recall their very first order: 4 litres of petals; one of lilac, one of pink and two mixed colours; these days they are called Amethyst, Candyfloss and Kaleidoscope.

Now they grow all the colours of the rainbow and each year trial new colours and while this doesn’t always work out as planned, a couple of years ago they grew a lilac petal which turned out to be grey once dried – accidentally they had produced a beautiful vintage grey petal which has been a top seller ever since!


Shropshire Petals,an approved Green Union partner, grow and produce natural petal confetti on their Shropshire farm and all of their petals are 100% natural, biodegradable and eco-friendly; churches and venues love them! You can pick and mix your very own unique confetti mix for your wedding choosing from Delphinium, Rose, Hydrangea, Cornflower and many other petals in a variety of pretty colours.

Visit Shropshire Petals or email enquiries@shropshirepetals.co.uk for more information.

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July 07, 2014

SUPPLIER FOCUS: Power your wedding with pedal power!

Now this really is an amazing idea that you should consider having at your green wedding - power all your lighting and music with pedal power!


That's right, the lovely Tom at Reaction Power Systems got in touch last week to tell me all about his bike powered generators and it really is an impressive set up that means all your music and lighting can be powered by your wedding guests who will have an absolute ball in the process!


Why use pedal power, you ask? Well Tom tells us that his bike (and wedding guest) powered generators are super quiet which means your wedding will be a whole lot more peaceful and less smelly since there won't be a diesel generator chugging away in the background, creating evil fumes around your beautifully decorated wedding venue. So, fresher air for everyone and no need to ramp up the volume on the music to compete with the sound of the generators.

If you're throwing an outdoor wedding and need to bring in your own power system this really is a natural solution to the knotty question of how to keep your wedding as eco-friendly as possible.


When you contract Reaction Power Systems they offer the total package of sound system and power generation all in one bundle, so you can save on your budget when you hire the whole lot from them. It also means the chances that the chance of faulty equipment causing technical problems and spoiling your day is hugely reduced. And on top of all that your wedding guests will enjoy great quality sound, burn off some of their energy helping to pedal the system, and have a whole lot of fun - they'll be talking about your wedding for a long time to come!

There's a great article here - more of a nitty gritty case study of how the bikes work, what power they generate and why it's such a great idea.

I totally LOVE the idea of having your wedding guests participate so wholeheartedly when they 'get on their bikes' to pedal the power for your very special day of fun.

Check out their website which gives you all the technical information of how the system works, what to expect from them and what you save by using them. Tom says they are particularly keen to power green weddings in a natural way so would love to hear from you.

Reaction Power Systems have got a new page on Facebook. Like them and you'll get the latest buzz.

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