Wedding yurt hire company reduces its carbon footprint...

The lovely people at Cheltenham Yurt Hire have just told us about their latest endeavour to be as carbon free as is possible for a tent company.


They have set up the Local Yurt Hire website to help their corner of the industry cut down on it's carbon footprint (which can mount up, when you think of the number of trucks, people and tents that have to be transported to wedding venues across the UK).

Will at Cheltenham Yurt Hire said "We're trying our best to reduce our carbon footprint; we ask couples, when booking with us, if they have checked whether there's not a yurt hire company nearer their wedding venue".

They recently compiled a map of all the yurt hire companies that they know about throughout the United Kingdom and have invited them all to put a note on their own websites to let potential customers know of any company that might be nearer. This way they hope the mileage they all cover may be reduced and it will also help to promote each other's businesses through a collaborative approach.

We think this is a amazing achievement and they definitely deserve an award for their innovative approach to business and their efforts to reduce their carbon footprint.

For more information on this carbon cutting initiative for yurt hire companies please go to the map.

Or contact Cheltenham Yurt Hire for more information on their own operating area.

Their tents are pretty amazing too! Take a look.

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Eco friendly wedding transport

Here's a fabulous idea for couples looking for ways to keep their carbon footprint down on their wedding day.


Travelling in style from home to church or registry office, and on to your reception, in this immaculate cycle rickshaw by Wedding Cycles will make your day truly exceptional. Not only will it bring a smile to your face but the sight of you on your way to your wedding will make people en route turn and stare!

And Alison, who rides the pedicab, points out that since the rickshaw only uses pedal power she can guarantee no hike in prices due to rising fuel costs! The rickshaw is a really affordable way to get to the church on time, with celebration ribbons and a 'Getting Married' sign all included in the very reasonable price.


For more information and to find out where they cycle, go to the Wedding Cycles website or call Alison on 07783730901.

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Lily-Peds retires

lilypeds.jpgIt's with a heavy heart that we announce the retirement of Brockers the Rickshaw and her rider Amy who for the last two years have not only delighted the public on the streets of Exeter, but also enthralled couples and guests alike at many a green and eco friendly wedding in the West Country.

This is in light of new legislation regarding battery assisted rickshaws which means that a bike such as Brockers the Rickshaw must be taxed, licensed, and MOT’d like that of a normal motor vehicle! It's left many pedi-cab companies such as Lily-Peds in limbo. We don't know how this is effecting other pedi-cab companies up and down the country but it certainly doesn't bode well for a budding alternative method of transport to the internal combustion engine and the reduction of CO2 emissions (and government targets?). Whatever happened to encouraging alternative modes of transport?

It also leaves many eco conscious couples in limbo regarding alternative transportation for their wedding days so if any pedi-cab riders and their trusty steeds can afford to keep going we'd love to include them in our directory, so please get in touch if you are one or can recommend one.

You can read more about these new laws here if you're interested or disgusted enough to find out more.

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Ditch the car this Saturday

bride_mother_walking.jpgThis Saturday, 22nd September 2007, is World Car Free Day so if you're getting married in London, Birmingham or Edinburgh this Saturday and still haven't decided how to get from the church to your reception then its the perfect day to do it on foot.

Not sure how to work out the route? has all the answers with their award-winning online walking route planner. So there's no excuse for the eco savvy bride to be late for her wedding - even if it is expected!

Just go online and enter the name of the church where you're to be married, and then your reception venue and will do the rest - generating a walking route map with the journey time between them.

Nothing could be simpler.

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