Beautiful new wedding invitation font

Paulo W, from Intellecta Design contacted us recently to tell us about his beautiful new font Invitation Penmanship.


It's an exceptionally beautiful calligraphic typeface, perfect for wedding invitations not only because its ideal for beautiful headings, signatures and short pieces of hand-lettered text but also because the font family includes two multi-table Opentype fonts and three supplementary fonts for ornaments and fleurons.


Graphic designers out there will understand all that gobble-de-gook about fonts and familys, but for us mere mortals it just means that there's a wealth of choice for you if you want to try and design and make your own wedding invitations using a rather gorgeous script font with lots of flourishes and twirls!


We think it beautiful and workable and if you like the look of it go to myfonts website for more information on the font and how to buy it.

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Naturally designed wedding stationary

When Ann-Marie Edmondson contacted us to tell us about her gorgeous ethically produced wedding stationary and decorations, we were not only bowled over by the products, but also by the lengths the company takes to make sure they are all created using sustainably sourced materials.


Paper Tree has all manner of hand crafted wedding invitations, coloured paper petals, roses, flowers and garlands made from eco-friendly Saa paper. Saa paper is a sustainable resource made from the bark of the Mulberry tree. The tree is a persistently growing perennial regenerating itself after harvest and the bark can be made into a natural paper without destroying the tree.


We particularly like these pretty paper rosebud cards which can be personalised as wedding invitations or menus for your wedding reception. By the way, the rose buds can also be bought separately in case you want to create your own hand made wedding invitations.

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Winning wedding stationery

When Jemma and Amanda of GreenLeaf Press contacted us to tell us all about their new stationery range we couldn't believe our ears. Even the ribbon they use is eco friendly! Not only that but it's made right here in the UK, in the lovely county of Cheshire.


GreenLeaf Press makes a simply stunning collection of 'off the peg’ and bespoke ethical wedding and special occasion stationery which can be adapted to suit any occasion. Everything is printed on eco friendly paper and you can choose from a range of papers made from wood pulp, straw, hemp, beer and cotton. Everything is ethically sourced and their website is even powered by wind!

So if you're searching for wedding invitations that have a strong green pedigree you must check out their range.


Along with the usual wedding invitations, save-the-dates, thank you cards and RSVP's, they also make gorgeous gift and favour bags, like the ones in the picture above, and they love creating beautiful eco chic stationery to complement their clients’ events.

They also run their own blog which is stuffed full of beautiful styling tips and ideas of how to co-ordinate your wedding stationery with your wedding theme.

For more information visit their website or email Jemma and Amanda at

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Save-the-date DIY

Stylish, green and Fun ‘Save the Dates' on a budget! Posted by Esther - Blogger Bride

I knew from the beginning that I would DIY my Wedding Stationary. I love to draw and it’s so much a part of my own creative practice (check out my drawings here) that I knew I would incorporate drawings into everything. With the big plus of having expert graphic back up from my cousin and right hand woman, Kjerstin Oh from ‘Creative Lolly’, in the madness they call wedding planning, (contact me if you're in need of a great and talented graphic designer!) I hoped it would be special and beautiful and I wasn’t disappointed! So I thought it'd be fun to share with you what I came up with:

folded_save_the_date.jpgPoster Save The Dates!!
I've noticed that most of the invites and save the dates people keep are those which can be stuck to a fridge, propped up on a mantle or pinned to a board. So we're going with a poster style save-the-date with a bit of folding trickery, which means it can also be its own envelope (one less thing to buy, and less paper!). And it can be posted with a standard 2nd class stamp.

Three things mattered while designing my save-the-date stationary:

Eco friendly: they needed to be both email-able and post-able, using as little paper as possible.
Cheap: I’m on a budget - people and pennies need counting!
Beautiful and fun: we are hoping for a non-stuffy affaire so it needed to be as fun as we plan the bash to be!

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This week’s major wedding accomplishment ...

wedding_invitations.jpgOur invitations went out this week! Exciting!

After a few mishaps, the most frustrating of which included seriously crooked printing, they are in the mail.

After researching recycled paper options, because we were planning to letterpress our save the dates and invitations ourselves, I found the perfect invitations on a clearance rack at a paper goods store—on super sale because it was an opened package. So we bought the “almost used” invitations, and after letterpressing our save the dates ourselves (time consuming!), decided to print them on our regular printer. Well. Flexibility came into play again, because after too many tries, they were still not perfectly straight. It was one of those wedding planning experiences where it’s easy to get incredibly frustrated because It’s Not Working Out the Way I Planned.

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Seven green ways to personalise your wedding day - Day 3

The Spring Equinox and Earth Day on April 22nd are getting closer day by day, so we thought it an appropriate time to highlight seven green ways to personalise your wedding day. On day three we suggest you:

parkstudio_GU_invitation.gifSAVE ON PAPER
Save on paper by setting up a personal green wedding website which has every single bit of information about the wedding - the venue, transport, timeline, menu, wedding list details, accommodation, things to do in the area, and how to get there. Ask your guests to RSVP by email.

Make it really personal and find a designer from our list of incredibly talented stationary designers here and commission one to create your own eco-chic wedding stationery design, then have it hand printed on recycled paper.

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Stationary scoop

seed_invitation.jpgseed_photo_album.jpgIf you're looking for some truly unique stationary for your eco friendly wedding, then look no further.

Seed.. is the brainchild of Tara Dennis, a talented designer who produces a beautifully hand screen printed range of stationary on recycled paper and card. Her attention to detail means that she even prints all the hand folded envelopes with patterns inside them and everything is finished off with a little sticker!

Tara's range is absolutely gorgeous and based on the natural environment but she is very willing to design and create a bespoke range of wedding stationary especially for you. Just contact her for details.

Tara also makes hand printed photo albums bound with ribbon, and will create one to match your chosen stationary design. Far better to commission a beautifully designed and printed hand made album to show off your green wedding photos than to have the same one as everyone else which has been shipped all the way from Australia!

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Stress - by invitation only!

Posted by Vineeta & Tom - blogger bride & groom and eco entrepreneurs

stonecircle.jpgThis week Vineeta and I finally got around to organising our wedding invitations. I thought that this would be the one part of organising the wedding that would actually be fun. Having not been impressed by any standard invitations we had decided to make our own, and it started off great. We made a stone circle on the beach near where we are having our wedding and photographed it, then created a design on the computer.

But then we had to print them off. Wanting to minimise the environmental impact we looked for options. Commercial printing was basically out of the window, because the quantities were too small and every card was different, so it wouldn't be practical. So we'd have to print them at home, and that meant that we couldn't use vegetable based inks either. We did buy refilled cartridges from Cartridge World though.

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National Tree Week

creative_paper_wales.jpgTo mark National Tree Week, which starts tomorrow, and sticking to our tree theme,I thought it would be good to discuss stationery, one of the little details that, if multiplied by the number of weddings that will be held in 2008, (around 300,000 in the UK and close to 3 million in the US alone) can cause quite an impact on the environment.

Paper consumption could be considered one of the biggest environmental issues where weddings are concerned: Save the dates, invites, maps, place cards, party invites, orders of service, menus, thank you's and so on.

Emily at Eco Chic Weddings reckons that weddings could use up the equivalent of 500,000 trees a year or an area 11 times the size of Manhattan - I'd love to know where she got that stat!

Anyway, my plea to every green couple is to think twice about how you use your paper, at the least choose FSB certified, recycled paper or paper derived from another source like ellie poo or sheep poo (yes it really does exist!), make your own and embed seeds in it or go paperless and use the internet for all your web savvy guests.

If you're not the creative type then we have some wonderfully talented earth friendly partners whose stationery will make every heart sing.

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New discoveries


Just over a week ago I visited the Designer Wedding Show in Battersea Park, London, in the hopes of discovering some indie gems who have earth friendly leanings and I wasn't disappointed. Tucked among the usual businesses were three inspiring newcomers offering top quality design and skills to eco chic couples.

Lottie Girling says she doesn't give a fig for today's trends and prefers to follow her own rules. Her handbags and corsages are truly to die for, created and handmade by Lottie herself using antique trimmings, collected buttons and 'a touch of magic'.

Matt and Kate Keeling of Katkin-Rose have combined their graphic and fashion backgrounds to produce a gorgeously designed range of wedding stationary which can all be printed on eco friendly papers using vegetable inks.

Emma Embery makes luxury wedding accessories which combine vintage fabrics with hand crafted embellishments. Emma launched her business because she felt there was a need for unique and original hand-crafted one-off pieces.

Not new but a must too was LPM Bohemia, a tent company with a difference whose friendly feeling yurts are made from oiled English oak, chestnut and ash harvested from local forests and covered with waxed cotton. All the wood is sustainably sourced.

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