Would you like to feature in a film?

Are you getting married in the next couple of months?

Would you be interested in a great opportunity to feature in a small and intimate documentary about Green Weddings to be aired by Euronews, an International TV channel based in Lyon, France?


Euronews broadcasts worldwide in 11 languages and they are longing to do a feature about 'green weddings' in their program 'Terra Viva', a bi-monthly programme of four minutes which is dedicated to Green Living issues.

They would love to create a story around you, the couple, your family and friends with some filming of the wedding, and the reasons why you have chosen to throw a green wedding. The film team is small and unobtrusive - just a journalist and a cameraman and they would like to film you as soon as they can.

So if you're throwing a green wedding in the next two months and are interested in taking part, then we would very much like to hear from you urgently.

Please phone us on 01769 550580 or email info@greenunion.co.uk if you would like to take part, or if you want to have a chat about this great opportunity.

Image: Green Photographic

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Getting married soon?


ITV are looking for couples getting married between now and November 2011 for a new series of For Better, For Worse.

This is a returning show, where they follow couples who got married 14 years ago, catching up with them every seven years. The programme is a study of modern marriage, and they're looking for just ONE more couple.

They are looking for people very much in love and looking forward to starting their lives together. They want to hear from people who have found their soul mate, or have an unusual wedding planned or just want to share their big day with us. They'd love to follow you on your journey into married life - so do get in touch.

Anyone interested can contact Nicola Cornick on 0207 157 3824 or email Nicola.cornick@itv.com ASAP for more info.

Image Green Photographic

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Win a luxury honeymoon


Sky Living’s hit show ‘Four Weddings’ is back and, as before, they are looking for brides/grooms-to-be to attend and score each other’s weddings for a chance to win a luxury honeymoon.

So if you are throwing a wedding or civil partnership or an alternative wedding ceremony like a pagan wedding, or a green and eco-friendly wedding in 2011 then the production team would love to speak to you.

Get in touch today!

4weddings@itv.com or phone 020 715 73803

For more information check out their website

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Royal eco-wedding for Channel 4 News

If you're planning to get wed late March/early April and fancy a fabulous video of your eco wedding then here's a great way to get one!


Channel 4 News is looking to do a piece about marriage ahead of the Royal Wedding. They're considering why people believe in it, what it means to them and what made them want to take the leap and would like to feature an eco-wedding.

If you think you'd like to take part then get in touch with Katie Razzall on 07736 479377 or email her at katie.razzall@itn.co.uk.

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Independent eco florists

A little bird has told us that two of our fabulous eco florists are to be listed in The Independent newspaper’s 50 Best Florists 2011 list this weekend!


Congratulations to Blooming Green and Flowers by Julie B. Its wonderful that the hard work of these dedicated ethical flower designers is now being recognised by the world.

If you want to read all about it make sure you buy The Independent this Saturday!

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Green weddings on TV

Are you planning a wedding or civil partnership in 2011? Have you organised the wedding of your dreams?



LIVING’S hit show ‘Four Weddings’ is coming back by popular demand next year and they are again looking for more couples to attend and score each other’s weddings. Each wedding will be scored on the venue, the food, the overall experience and of course, the dress. The couple that scores the highest will win the luxury honeymoon of their dreams!

For more info please email 4weddings@itv.com or call 020 7157 3596 and leave a message. You will need to include the date of your wedding day and your telephone number and they will get back to you.

This is a great opportunity to shout about how chic an ethical and natural wedding can be. Hurry they are casting now!

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Parent problems

Are you having problems seeing eye to eye with your parents over your wedding plans? Do they disapprove of the person you have chosen to marry? Is there a conflict between you and your fiancé's religions? Are they unhappy about your civil partnership?

Would they prefer a traditional, conventional and expensive wedding with their own friends and business colleagues attending, while you prefer the idea of an eco-friendly wedding on a small budget using ethical wedding suppliers in a green wedding venue, maybe a barn dance with your closest friends and family?


Well, a TV production company called TOUCH PRODUCTIONS who specialize in making high-end factual documentaries is looking for you. For more information and to discuss your story in strictest confidence you can email Rosie Bristow rosie@touchproductions.co.uk .

Read more

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Engaged eco-couples wanted for new BBC3 pilot

love_productions.gifAre you getting ready to say the big “I do”?

Love Productions are looking for young couples who are interested in taking a voyage of discovery with their partner - an experience designed to give their marriage a better chance of lasting the course.

You need to be planning to get married in the next 12 months and be willing to explore your relationship with your partner. You will need to be open with one another about what you want from your life together - your strengths and weaknesses as a couple. Every relationship has its problems and every couple have their issues - wouldn’t you want to try and make your relationship the best it can be before you take the plunge?

If you’re interested in taking part or just want to find out more in a confidential chat, then please email Sarah at sarah.pickering@lovewest.co.uk or call 0117 906 4350

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How should a wedding be celebrated? Part 2

If you didn't manage to find the programme on the BBC World Service that we mentioned yesterday, here's the link.

http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p008w7kl on iplayer. You'll find it 14 minutes into the programme.

Congratulations to Kate Smallwood for talking such sense!

Happy listening!

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How should a wedding be celebrated?

authentic_wedding.jpgThat's what the BBC is asking after the Reverend Giles Fraser, Canon Chancellor of St. Paul's gave his Thought for the Day on weddings during yesterday's Radio 4 Today programme. And what a furore it's created!

Sparked off by the excessive spend of the recent Clinton wedding, his comments that we've lost sight of the true meaning of marriage, have caused quite some discussion on the airwaves - see BBC Today.

Well here at GU HQ we think you should celebrate your wedding the way that's right for you and don't loose track of why you are getting married. After all this is one of the the most special days of your life where you are making a committment to one another to cherish each other for life. And no matter what pressures you have from family and friends, if you want to go away and tie the knot alone, then do it. Alternatively if you want to splash out and entertain everyone, and have the budget to do so (a crucial detail), then why not?

All we ask is that you consider how you do it - spend your money wisely, support local producers and businesses, encourage people to participate and consider your impact on the environment too.

The BBC World Service is going to discuss the ins and outs of weddings at 9pm tonight - might be worth a listen.

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Had an alternative wedding ceremony?

look_magazine.jpgA journalist who is writing for glossy magazine LOOK, published in the UK, is doing an article exploring the alternatives to traditional marriage ceremonies.

She would love to talk to a couple who decided not to legally marry but to have an alternative wedding blessing, instead, to celebrate their commitment to each other.

The couple would need to be aged 18 to 35, and be happy to give a short phone interview and send in some photos of their wedding.

You'll even earn £150 when the article is published! Perfect budget for a romantic night out ...

If you fancy chatting to Viki Wilson about how you 'did it' then email her at viki.wilson@btinternet.com and mention GreenUnion.

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Gorgeous engaged couple?

Very short notice!

Condé Nast BRIDES magazine is looking for a gorgeous engaged couple for a fun, cool fashion shoot in a central London studio this Friday 20th.

Only needed for 4 hours and I guarantee it will be a really fun day with great pictures for you to keep.

Please email fiona.kerr@condenast.co.uk, or phone her on 0207 152 3327 for more information.

Plese let them know that you came through GreenUnion.

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Getting married soon?

Are you getting married within the next 4 weeks?

If so, Laura would like to talk to you about a magazine feature in the Sunday Telegraph Stella magazine about British weddings. They are looking for a couple who are planning an eco wedding and would be happy to have a Sunday Telegraph photographer capture an image of their day.

Please get in touch with laura@talktothepress.com and please tell her that you heard about this from us here at GreenUnion.

You will need to be willing to have photos of your big day published in the Sunday Telegraph magazine and be available for a quick phone interview too.

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Are you throwing a Scottish green wedding?

stv.jpgScottish Television's programme The Hour is looking for couples planning an eco wedding in Scotland this year.

The programme is a week nightly lifestyle magazine show presented by Stephen Jardine which transmits between 5 and 6 pm. They cover all aspects of modern living from Fashion, Health and Music to Cooking, Money and Films.

If you're interested in being filmed for an item about ethical weddings in the show and telling them all about your own green wedding plans, then get in touch with Abi Judge, the producer of the programme, at alison.kay@stv.tv or call her on 0141 300 3207.

Do tell her you heard about the programme from GreenUnion.

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Your votes count for Pai

rose_camelia_cleanser.jpgPai Camellia & Rose Cleanser (featured in our Boutique) has been shortlisted for a UK Beauty Award. We're certainly not surprised - it's the best!

The winner is chosen by public vote which isn't always great for a small brand up against the biggest names in the beauty industry.

So...please, please, please vote for them, this beautiful little company with a big heart needs all the support they can get. It only takes two secs. And get all your colleagues, friends and family voting too!

If you're not sure what Pai Camellia & Rose Cleanser is like why not try it - you can buy it in our Boutique.

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ITV Four Weddings

Unknown.gifITV Living are currently looking for fun-loving couples planning a wedding or a civil partnership between March and June 2009 to take part in the show.

Each episode of Four Weddings is an entertaining romp through four extremely different weddings – the couples will be attending each others’ weddings and judging them according to a set of criteria. The couple with the highest score at the end of show will win a five-star luxury honeymoon.

They want to include a variety of weddings from simple and traditional to high-end and cultural, so why not an ethical wedding?

If you fancy taking part please contact Adeel Amini on 0207 157 4605 or email adeel.amini@itv.com quoting GreenUnion.

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Got a brilliant Eco-Tip?

ecotip.gifWe're looking for one amazingly original eco tip to beat the 'credit crunch' which will be published on Allaboutyou.com, the online home of Good Housekeeping, Prima, SHE, Country Living, House Beautiful and Coast magazine 9th February.

If you have a fab tip you'd like us to consider then send it in to us info@greenunion.co.uk before 8th February.

The author of the tip chosen will receive a surprise gift from us.

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Don't Tell the Bride

don't_tell.jpgAre you dreaming of the perfect day?
Is ‘the green wedding’ your favourite topic of conversation?
Do you have hundreds of ideas but not hundreds of pounds?
Do you think your man can pull off the ultimate wedding of your dreams?
If so then Don't Tell the Bride is looking for a unique couple and has £12k to make your big day.
EMAIL: weddings@renegadepictures.co.uk
Or call: 020 7479 4210


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In the news again!

Lyndsay Dolan on Country Mix 106.8FM talked to us here today at GreenUnion HQ. On her programme Dublin's Talking she wanted to find out more about why people who choose to throw a green wedding and what sort of weddings they turn out to be. Naked on the beach wasn't one of them! We had a lovely chat and the music by Lisa Hannigan was magical.

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French leave 2

GreenUnion is back in France again having just featured in a short film with French public TV company France 5. The programme is part of a series called 'Les Report-Terre' (Report Earth) where ten young reporters have travelled throughout Europe to discover and bring to light environmental issues and initiatives for sustainable development. In each European country, they've investigated a diverse range of environmental and ecological initiatives.


Of course they came to GreenUnion to find out more about our pioneering work in sustainable weddings and celebrations. They loved what they saw and say that the programme, Les Noces Vertes was been rated as one of the best they did. If you understand French, then enjoy - if you don't its still fun to watch.

Thank you to all our partners who gave up valuable time to assist in the filming. Tim & Angela Malyon of Coombe Farm, April Doubleday, Wendy Kauffman, Lynne Salvage of Maddy Sinclair, David Ames, Alison Court - Celebrant, Sally Humpries of Manic Organic, Jackie Brown - Celebrant and Georgie Faulkner-Bryant of Big Beautiful Bunting Co.

You can read about the September day we did the filming in French Leave.

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French leave

heart_bunting.jpgWe've had a busy few days here at GreenUnion HQ. It seems the French are really curious about the growing trend for green and naturalistic weddings so we've been entertaining a TV crew from France 5 public TV! They have sent a group of young couples all over Europe to see what is happening out there and the programme Les Report-Terre will begin broadcasting in October.

Devon and Cornwall has a huge number of sustainable businesses offering their services to couples who want to throw a natural celebration, so we gathered together a group of brilliant people to tell Pauline and Guillaume of Les Report-Terre how it works.

We had Rosie at GreenUnion, of course, to give an overview and then we took them to Coombe Farm Woodlands to look at an eco friendly, organically run venue. They talked to Sally of Manic Organic about her own green wedding and her vegetarian catering business. We had two celebrants for them to interview - Alison Orchard from Crediton in Devon who is a member of the British Humanist Association, and Jackie Brown from Truro in Cornwall who conducts spiritual ceremonies for anyone whether you are just an agnostic or a full fledged pagan. Jackie is getting married soon too and wanted to tell Les Report-Terre why she will be thowing an eco friendly wedding.

We decorated the barn at Coombe Farm with gorgeous silk heart pendant bunting made out of vintage sari fabrics by the Big Beautiful Bunting Co. We also used seasonal flowers and foliage - hydrangeas, fennel heads, blackberries and apple boughs to show how it can be done with style and colour.

Sadly all the wonderful caterers such as Dartmoor Kitchen, in Devon that we could have talked to were so busy we couldn't have any time with them, so instead we suggested they film a herd of Red Devon beef cows at Coombe Farm to prove that the food can be locally sourced right on the doorstep - it went down a treat!

We talked about jewellery and April Doubleday's ethical wedding rings were a fantastic example of how you can source your gold and diamonds without conflict or harm. We showed them the beautifully hand screen printed wedding stationary from Seed.. which you will soon be able to purchase from our Eco Chic Boutique launching next week.

And finally they talked to a furniture maker, David Ames about how to commission a piece of furniture that all the guests can contribute to, making a meaningful, sustainable and lasting gift to mark your wedding day. A bed that David made for a couple last year was the hit of the show!

You can contact Manic Organic by emailing Sally.
Alison can be reached by email too.
If you want to contact Jackie please contact us and we will give you her details.

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Passionate about food?

bbc3.jpgBBC3 is looking for people to take part in a returning series of the ground-breaking programme Kill it, Cook it, Eat it.

This new series will explore our attitudes to killing and eating wild game. The programme will cover every aspect of the process from hunting and shooting animals to preparing the carcass for the kitchen They will be killing, cooking and eating deer, rabbit, grouse and duck.

They aim to challenge and probe your views on this issue: where do you draw the line with the meat you’re prepared to eat – and why? Whether you’re a vegetarian or a meat connoisseur, or simply want to see for yourself the processes involved in getting meat to your plate, then get in touch.

They’re looking for a handful of people with vocal opinions about meat and where it comes from to join them. Kate told me that "Obviously this is a fantastic series in terms of generating discussion and we welcome viewpoints from a variety of people, from vegan to pro-hunt. We would love to discuss the series with people whose views of the killing and cooking of animals is influenced by their lifestyle choices, (such as sustainable living)."

If you would like to be considered, simply give them a call on 0207 033 2300 or send them an email with your NAME and NUMBER and they will be in touch with application details. Filming is in Scotland and you will be needed for one or possibly two days (with an overnight stay) in late September.

For further information contact Kate on 020 7033 2271 or email kate.nixon@fireflyproductions.tv

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Honeymoon prize!

ITV is looking for couples who are getting married in the UK in September or October and would be happy to share their day - there's a chance to win a honeymoon.

They’re looking for couples to appear in a brand new programme for Living TV called ‘Four Weddings’ and they'd love one of the weddings to be 'green'.

The four brides need to be getting married in the UK in September or October of this year and they would have to be happy to share their big day with a film crew and 3 other brides to be. The 3 other brides to be will also be getting married in either September or October of this year and if selected they would be invited to attend their weddings. The four brides will then have to decide which couple deserves to win a dream honeymoon!

If this sort of thing takes your fancy then contact weddings@granadamedia.com or call Tara on 020 7157 3581 quoting GreenUnion.

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Are you planning an unusual green wedding?

its_not_easy_being_green.jpgAre you planning an unusual green or eco friendly wedding?

The BBC It's Not Easy Being Green are looking for a couple who would like to tell them all about their ethical wedding plans and feature in their new series to be aired early next year. We will be working with them so you will also benefit from all of GreenUnion's expertise and knowhow too.

If you are interested please get in touch with Rosie@GreenUnion.co.uk for more details.

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Did you pay for your wedding day on a shoestring?

We've just had a challenging request from The Press Association who're looking for anyone who's wed on an extremely tight budget.

They're looking for women aged between 20 to 50 who celebrated their big day in style despite being restricted by a tight budget of £500 or less. If you managed this I think everyone in the world will want to know how!

If this sounds like you and you'd like to share your story with a national newspaper or women's magazine, do get in touch with Tanya, giving her a brief idea of how you threw your stylish wedding on a budget. She'd also like your telephone number and a recent photo. Don't forget to mention GreenUnion.

By the way, if you're chosen you will receive a fee for your time.


Tanya Russell
Features writer
The Press Association
Email: tanya.russell@pa-entertainment.co.uk
Tel: 020 7963 7293

Want to know more about managing your wedding budget? Check out how to Get Started.

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Did you throw a green wedding?

If you threw and green wedding last year and you've got some gorgeous photos of the day then please get in touch with us. We have a writer for Red Magazine looking for a truly eco chic wedding with earth friendly details to use in her article championing the rise of green celebrations. Email us on info@greenunion.co.uk and we will call you back.

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BBC Yorkshire & Lincolnshire call for green weddings


The Cornish green wedding of a few weeks back has created quite a stir and the BBC's Inside Out for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire is searching for a couple planning to throw an eco chic wedding. There's a lot of interest in Yorkshire for all things green, in fact Yorkshire Brides is writing a feature on eco honeymoons next month, so Laura at Inside Out is searching for a couple who would be willing to divulge their green wedding plans for their marriage and follow their journey through to their ethical wedding day.

If you're getting married in Yorkshire or Lincolnshire and feel strongly about treading lightly on this planet here's your chance to show others how one of the most important days of you life can reflect your ethos. Contact Rosie at GreenUnion for more information.

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Tell everyone about it!

german_public_radio.jpgMartin Vogle of German Public Radio is still patiently looking for an eco chic couple to interview about their plans to throw a green wedding. Don't be shy, he says he's a nice guy and only wants to have a very informal chat about your green wedding ideas, so do get in touch with martin.vogl@email.de and help him spread the word to Europe!

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A bicycle made for two

mandy_jonathan.jpgMandy and Jonathan, who kept us up to date here at GreenUnion HQ about their wedding preparations, were married in May and here's an extract from an original article about their wedding by Julie Lastarade for French Elle on 4 June 2007 and translated for us by our partner Diane who runs covert cabin in the Perigord Vert region of France - the ultimate in honeymoon hideaways.

The greenest day of their lives

Dress made of fairtrade cotton, guests discouraged to come by car. In England, the eco-chic are getting married in the same way they live their lives, by respecting the planet. And from these good principles real businesses are emerging.

Read more

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