Is religion at the heart of your wedding ceremony?





If so the people at September Films would love to hear from you. They are looking for engaged couples from all religions, cultures and backgrounds to appear on a brand new prime time BBC series.

If you have enlisted the help of a professional planner or even a family member to take charge of your wedding plans, and would like to tell them all about it, do contact them as soon as possible to find out more.

Phone: 0208 563 9393 and ask for Emily Knight or Chloe Strauss

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Green weddings on TV

Are you planning a wedding or civil partnership in 2011? Have you organised the wedding of your dreams?



LIVING’S hit show ‘Four Weddings’ is coming back by popular demand next year and they are again looking for more couples to attend and score each other’s weddings. Each wedding will be scored on the venue, the food, the overall experience and of course, the dress. The couple that scores the highest will win the luxury honeymoon of their dreams!

For more info please email or call 020 7157 3596 and leave a message. You will need to include the date of your wedding day and your telephone number and they will get back to you.

This is a great opportunity to shout about how chic an ethical and natural wedding can be. Hurry they are casting now!

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Parent problems

Are you having problems seeing eye to eye with your parents over your wedding plans? Do they disapprove of the person you have chosen to marry? Is there a conflict between you and your fiancé's religions? Are they unhappy about your civil partnership?

Would they prefer a traditional, conventional and expensive wedding with their own friends and business colleagues attending, while you prefer the idea of an eco-friendly wedding on a small budget using ethical wedding suppliers in a green wedding venue, maybe a barn dance with your closest friends and family?


Well, a TV production company called TOUCH PRODUCTIONS who specialize in making high-end factual documentaries is looking for you. For more information and to discuss your story in strictest confidence you can email Rosie Bristow .

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Had an alternative wedding ceremony?

look_magazine.jpgA journalist who is writing for glossy magazine LOOK, published in the UK, is doing an article exploring the alternatives to traditional marriage ceremonies.

She would love to talk to a couple who decided not to legally marry but to have an alternative wedding blessing, instead, to celebrate their commitment to each other.

The couple would need to be aged 18 to 35, and be happy to give a short phone interview and send in some photos of their wedding.

You'll even earn £150 when the article is published! Perfect budget for a romantic night out ...

If you fancy chatting to Viki Wilson about how you 'did it' then email her at and mention GreenUnion.

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Fabulous Richmond wedding venue

The Bingham is the bees knees! Another fabulous city chic wedding venue boasting impressive eco credentials, we just love it.

Imagine entertaining friends and family as you sip champagne on an expansive terrace, watch the sunset over a stunning river vista with your loved ones and dance the night away by flickering candlelight in one of the most stylish settings.

A unique Georgian townhouse hotel in Richmond and once the residence of poets, the Bingham offers an alluring mix of old glamour and contemporary chic. The aura is distinctly warm the Bingham offers an idyllic, riverside environment perfect for weddings and civil partnerships.


Arrive by boat, or vintage Rolls Royce; Devour champagne, cocktails and canapés in the riverside garden or on the covered and heated terrace; Dine on exquisite award winning seasonal and local Modern British Cuisine, or chill out over a BBQ; Have a DJ spin some tunes or have your guests spin to a Ceilidh. Whatever your choice a Bingham wedding will be unique and truly memorable.

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What is an Interfaith wedding?

wedding_ceremony.jpgWhile you plot and plan, try on dresses and taste delicious organic locally produced food and cakes, preparing for your big green wedding day, it's sometimes easy to loose the plot, forgetting the true reason for taking this journey.

Janette Blakemore of Sacred Life, an Interfaith Celebrant, has put some thought into the subject and here's her very sound advice about the whole wedding thing. Over to you Janette...


To the spirit, relationships are the perfect vehicle to help us walk back into the experience of love, wholeness and unity together.
Miranda Holden

You are thinking about having a Green Wedding because you know that how you choose to spend your resources effects us all and that sustainability matters.

You also know that sustainability in a loving relationship has nothing to do with whether your wedding chair covers match the serviettes!

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Homophobic venues face loosing their licence

rainbow.jpgDid you know that in August a loophole in the Civil Partnership Act 2005 was closed thanks to the energetic campaigning of Gino Meriano, founder of Pink Weddings and civil rights campaigner. Approved wedding venues now face losing their licence if they refuse to conduct civil partnerships or discriminate on sexual orientation.

Originally venue owners and managers could apply for and be granted a license to hold Marriages or Civil Partnerships or both. By permitting venue management to choose not to hold Civil Partnerships, it meant many could openly discriminate while hiding behind their approved licence.

Gino said "The new guidance adopts my recommendation that an approved venue must not discriminate simply based on sexual orientation. If a venue is granted a licence and is found to discriminate against gay and lesbian couples they will have their license revoked. This should now close the loophole that any homophobic owners and managers were using to wriggle out of the legislation."

A spokesman for LACORS said "The Equality Act (Sexual Orientation) Regulations 2007 require providers of goods, facilities and services to ensure that they are not treating their customers unfairly on the grounds of sexual orientation. If the holder of an approval is deemed by the Local Authority to discriminate on the grounds of the sexuality of the couple the Council reserves the right to revoke this approval."

This groundbreaking ruling means that homophobic suppliers should now be exposed, and if reported, will have their licence revoked making their venues unavailable to all couples, gay or straight. Here at GreenUnion we wholeheartedly welcome this ruling, ethical businesses do not discriminate.

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Civil rights

civil_partnership.jpgHave you heard? A county judge in the US State of Iowa has struck down a ban on same-sex marriages as being unconstitutional. He has ruled that a law allowing marriage only between men and women violates the rights of due process and equal protection.

Same-sex couples are banned from marrying in 49 of the 50 US states and only the state of Massachusetts allows gay marriages.

Since we're for all things ethical we applaud his ruling and look forward to more US States following suit and joining with the UK to support civil partnerships. Read the full article on the BBC World News

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