SUPPLIER FOCUS: A unique way to give to Charity

We've just come across another brilliant way for couples to help a charity of their choosing as part of their wedding celebrations...


When I first heard about Make-a-Donation, I wondered where the catch was, but Rosa explained it so well to me that I thought she should tell you all about it in her own words:

"Who are we?
We are a charity donation site which brings together charities, fundraisers and businesses to improve our community - both on a local and a national level.

What is so special about us?
Make-a-Donation is unique in the fact that 100% of the money you raise goes directly to the charity of your choosing. This is unlike other popular donation sites who generally take around 5% of the money raised as fees and then an additional 1.3% for bank transactions. Although 6.3% doesn’t sound like much, that means that for every £100,000 raised, £6,300 will not go to the charity. By using Make a Donation, you can make sure that your charity gets every last penny, with no catches.

It’s our wonderful business partners that pay the fees for the charities, so that they can raise even more money. Businesses can then upload their vouchers onto our website, and these are rewarded to our donors and fundraisers for their generosity.

Our charity wedding gift list:
This gift list is perfect for all couples who want a feel-good factor and an ethical twist on the traditional wedding gift list. Many couples these days are already so well set up at home, that sometimes a wedding list becomes a little redundant. This gift list allows guests to donate to the couple’s favourite charity, in lieu of a wedding present.

The beauty of our gift list is that couples can support ANY charity they want - be it a national charity or a local cause close to their hearts, they just need to let us know who it is and that charity will get it! ALL the donations will go directly to their charity, cutting out any unnecessary pre-wedding hassle!

What’s more - when one of their guests donates to their list, we will reward them with MaD points, which they can then redeem for vouchers on our site. So couples will be able to give back to their guests at the same time!

It’s completely free to create and takes just a few simple steps to be on the way to the ultimate ethical wedding!"


Thanks Rosa, we think this is a great way to make sure that your wedding guests' generosity goes directly and effectively to the charity of your choosing. Check out their dedicated wedding page to easily get started.

Make-a-Donation is an approved Green Union partner. They offer a unique charity gift list for the ultimate ethical wedding. Choose a charity close to your heart and they will ensure that 100% of your guests' donations get there. It's free to use and easy to set up. Plus they reward your guests for every donation, with the chance to redeem exclusive vouchers!

Find out more about Make-a-Donation by going to their website or get in touch with Rosa at

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Is your wedding ring dirty?

not_dirty_gold_ring.jpgWith the wedding season getting well under the way, you're probably thinking about that little band of gold, the symbol of our marriage vows. But before you plump for that potent icon, you may want to know an itsy bit more about the true cost of dirty gold mining.

Watch No Dirty Gold campaigners, community members and jewellery retailers on the Sundance Channel's series, Ecotrip: the Real Cost of Living. Starting today, the series will air its "gold ring" episode chronicling the environmental and community impacts of gold mining.

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Charity bride in the news

giftaid.jpgOur blogger bride Vicky's got so hooked on collecting vintage china from charity shops for her very ethical wedding in August, that she's hit the news in a bid to persuade other charity shoppers to sign up for Gift Aid to benefit the shops they buy in.

St Peter's Hospice shop in Chipping Sodbury says that Gift Aid scheme could potentially raise an extra £250,000 for the charity in its first year.

The initiative will enable the shops to raise an extra 28p on every £1 taken at the tills at no extra cost to customers and Julie Trinder, manager of both shops in Chipping Sodbury, said: "Our shops have been promoting the Gift Aid scheme for the past two weeks and so far over 3,000 people have signed up across the region.

Did you know that it costs £5.3 million every year to provide our specialist palliative care? By signing up to the Gift Aid scheme in St Peter's Hospice shops you could help them to raise much needed funds that go directly towards patient care.

Read the whole story in the Gazette.

Image from the Gazette shows shop manager Julie Trinder with Vicky. Vicky will be blogging here about her wedding plans in the forthcoming months.

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Donate a dress

donate_a_dress.jpgHelp Liberian Ambassador Alpha Bird Collins and his wife Louise with their Liberian Wedding Dress Project, launched on their own wedding day a year ago, by donating your wedding dress to this worthy cause.

Believe it or not it is the aspiration of many Liberian brides to get married in white, but in this worn-torn land where a woman's daily wage as little as a dollar day, the dream is often out of reach. The West African country is in the process of recovering from 15 years of civil war and it now has a stable government with Africa's first democratically-elected female president, so there is an air of optimism in the country.

Alpha and Louise plan to take the dresses to West Africa where their local partners will loan them out to Liberian brides for a small charge to cover the costs cleaning and so on. And they're not stopping there - men's suits and bridesmaids dresses are welcomed with open arms. Funds are also being raised to help with transport costs when they take the clothes to Liberia.

Dresses, suits and bridesmaid dresses can be dropped off at St Cuthbert's Church, on Barnsley Road, any Sunday morning, and donations can be made payable to Action Love Liberia and sent to St Cuthbert's Vicarage, 7 Horndean Road, Sheffield, S5 6UJ.

Call Louise and Alpha on 0114 261 1605 for more information.

See Sheffield Telegraph for full story.

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Planning to propose tonight?

streetsmart.jpgIf you're planning to propose over a slap up meal tonight, then a participating StreetSmart restaurant would be a good choice. Founded by William Sieghart (founder, Forward publishing) and Mary-Lou Sturridge (director, The Groucho Club), StreetSmart lets you feed the hungry whilst you eat (and propose) - an auspicious start to your great green wedding plans.

This is how it works - at the end of your meal, a voluntary £1 will be added to your bill that will provide city homeless people worldwide with medicine, shelters, soup kitchens and counseling services.

Look for the yellow StreetSmart card at your table or donate directly online. Tonight’s the last night for this year’s campaign so give what you can and help beat last year’s record breaking total.

Give as good as you got this year and choose a StreetSmart restaurant in London and other UK regions, plus Australia, South Africa and the USA.

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Blog action day


Today's the day - blog action day.
Today thousands of bloggers around the world have joined forces to blog about one thing: our precious planet. Since that's just about all we ever do blog about, albeit where green weddings are concerned, I thought I'd take this opportunity to remind all budding eco friendly couples about our charities, the perfect way to give something back on your wedding day.

At Greenunion we're supporting Survival International today. Survival is the only international organisation supporting tribal peoples worldwide. It works for tribal peoples' rights in three complementary ways: education, advocacy and campaigns. They also offer tribal people themselves a platform to address the world and work closely with local indigenous organisations, focusing on tribal peoples who have the most to lose, usually those most recently in contact with the outside world.

Other charities we support on a regular basis are Oxfam and Rainforest Concern. You can also find countless charities to support via the Alternative Wedding List, the Green Gift List and Wedding List Giving.

Check them out, you're sure to find a charity that you'd like to reach out to.

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

If you'd like to do something towards Breast Cancer Awareness Month then check out these sites for ideas.

The Brides Against Breast Cancer Project is a neat organisation is touring the US bringing top designer wedding dresses to the public at discounted prices with the proceeds going to the Making Memories Foundation.

In Australia check out the National Breast Cancer Foundation for ideas on how to raise funds this month.

Visit Breast Cancer Care to see what's happening in the UK or suggest your own fund raising day - eco chic brides could throw a hen party. Could be fun...

If you're already married donate your wedding dress to the cause.

Spread the word - help save lives.

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Oxfam online: Create your unique eco chic wedding style without leaving home

Oxfam has just launched the first online charity shop, allowing shoppers to browse donated items without leaving their home.

If you'd love to support the charity but can't get to a shop or face the usual fusty shelves you encounter in charity shops then here's the perfect solution. A team of volunteers will be hand picking the best donated items like quality vintage finds, vinyl music, designer jeans, books, knick-knacks, fairtrade jewels and chocolate to place online. New items will be uploaded daily.

So if you're the sort of person who wants to create your own style for your green wedding, then you can collect some wonderful things here. Put together a truly unique theme from their collection of vintage and cool finds. You can purchase one-off donated garments for your wedding or honeymoon outfits, find some musical and literary classics to give away as gifts and purchase fairtrade chocolate and jewellery for favours.


Oxfam director Barbara Stocking said: "This is the one website where customers will know that all their purchases will directly support Oxfam working with people in poverty across the world." And the charity's hoping to have listed 120,000 items on its new site by next spring.

You can even create a wedding list!

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Stuck for an eco chic wedding gift idea?


Well here are some brilliant ones from Oxfam Unwrapped. What better gift for an eco chic couple than a living, breathing garden, bringing life and prosperity to both the environment and people with a greater need than our own around the world. Oxfam Unwrapped's gift-giving program makes the most of your donations, providing financial assistance to Oxfam’s many programs, while giving a gift that supports those who benefit most. Give just £16 and plant 50 trees, while £200 will buy a plot of land for families to plant crops which they can sell in local markets and earn their own living. We're all for the ethical and ecological focus of these gifts which stress the sometimes overlooked connection between humanitarian efforts, environmental commitments, and issues of local food and agriculture.

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