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Today, we're absolutely delighted to welcome Jan Shillito of Celebration Ceremonies to let us into the secrets of how to avoid the pitfall of cookie cutter ceremonies and truly express your own personal values on your wedding day. Over to you Jan...

Do you, Green Union Reader take us, Celebration Ceremonies to be your partner in creating your unique ethical wedding?


When you imagine your perfect wedding day, like any other bride, you want it to be special. Whether it has traditional elements or a contemporary twist; whether it’s a small, simple affair or a larger gathering; or vintage glamour or shabby-chic style, it’s your day.

The difference is that you want your ethical values to be an integral part of the make-up of your day, whether that be sourcing locally produced or organic food or having a re-cycled or a hired wedding dress.

But it doesn’t have to stop there...

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Is religion at the heart of your wedding ceremony?





If so the people at September Films would love to hear from you. They are looking for engaged couples from all religions, cultures and backgrounds to appear on a brand new prime time BBC series.

If you have enlisted the help of a professional planner or even a family member to take charge of your wedding plans, and would like to tell them all about it, do contact them as soon as possible to find out more.

Phone: 0208 563 9393 and ask for Emily Knight or Chloe Strauss

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Creative eco friendly budget wedding

When Sarah Falugo of Green Photographic sent in these amazing pictures of Jo and Ross's budget wedding in Cornwall we just knew we would have to share them!


Jo is an actress and singer and Ross is a musician/songwriter.

They married in a registry office in the morning in jeans and t-shirt and then had a more personal wedding blessing conducted by a humanist celebrant at Maker Heights, Rame Peninsula, Cornwall near where they live and regularly perform their music at local gigs.


Sarah says that this was a super, super budget wedding and the photos, which were taken in a field over-looking Plymouth Sound, were her gift to the couple since they are friends. What a fantastic wedding gift - the wedding looks a million dollars, proof you don't have to break the bank to throw a green wedding.

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Had an alternative wedding ceremony?

look_magazine.jpgA journalist who is writing for glossy magazine LOOK, published in the UK, is doing an article exploring the alternatives to traditional marriage ceremonies.

She would love to talk to a couple who decided not to legally marry but to have an alternative wedding blessing, instead, to celebrate their commitment to each other.

The couple would need to be aged 18 to 35, and be happy to give a short phone interview and send in some photos of their wedding.

You'll even earn £150 when the article is published! Perfect budget for a romantic night out ...

If you fancy chatting to Viki Wilson about how you 'did it' then email her at and mention GreenUnion.

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Low Impact Wedding Series - Ceremony

low_impact_wedding_ceremony.jpgIn the beginning we talked about having a sunrise wedding. Doesn't that sound so auspicious and romantic? But then we thought about the details - all the guests would have to arrive in the dark and you'd have to get dressed and ready at four in the morning!

So instead, we had a morning wedding ceremony starting at 9:00 am. The wedding breakfast followed at about 10:30 AM and lasted until about 1:30 pm. The real party for the wedding was the rehearsal dinner and we invited all the wedding guests to a BBQ at the ceremony location the night before.

Ceremony Area - The ceremony was held with the shelter as a back drop. It worked out perfectly because the front had a peek that served as a beautiful frame for the alter.

Ceremony Music - Again we’re thinking eco friendly, so canned music with speakers was out. We have a friend who plays the cello and that just seemed perfect. He agreed and we asked that he pick the procession and recession. He actually composed the music and gave it to us a wedding present. The walk in was “Look, Isn’t She Pretty” and the walk out was “Okay, We’re Done, You Can Go Now”. I left the titles out of the program, but they make me smile. Our cellist friend was gratis.

Ceremony Officiant - The groom’s family is Catholic and mine is, well... a little bit of this and that. I have never been baptized and had no intention of joining the Catholic church so we were extremely lucky.

It was really important to the groom that Father Terry do the ceremony and Father Terry is one of the most open hearted and open minded priests I have met. He agreed to marry us “in the Bride’s place of worship” which I decided was to be outside and he did a wonderful job. He basically read the ceremony we came up with and we gave $100 to the church as his payment. Search for officiants and celebrants in our wedding directory.

Total Cost = $100

You can get more ideas on how to conduct your wedding ceremony and the legalities of getting married in the UK by going to our advice pages.

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What is an Interfaith wedding?

wedding_ceremony.jpgWhile you plot and plan, try on dresses and taste delicious organic locally produced food and cakes, preparing for your big green wedding day, it's sometimes easy to loose the plot, forgetting the true reason for taking this journey.

Janette Blakemore of Sacred Life, an Interfaith Celebrant, has put some thought into the subject and here's her very sound advice about the whole wedding thing. Over to you Janette...


To the spirit, relationships are the perfect vehicle to help us walk back into the experience of love, wholeness and unity together.
Miranda Holden

You are thinking about having a Green Wedding because you know that how you choose to spend your resources effects us all and that sustainability matters.

You also know that sustainability in a loving relationship has nothing to do with whether your wedding chair covers match the serviettes!

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