December 26, 2012

fforest weddings has a new website!


One of our ffavourite wedding venues, fforest has launched their brand new website, just in time for the New Year.


Take a dip into their gorgeous new website focusing entirely on the wonderfully unique, natural weddings they throw in this beautiful environment, and tell me you won't be tempted to throw your green nuptials there!


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December 20, 2012

Happy Holidays from GU HQ!


Well that's it for another green wedding planning year and we'd like to wish all our friends a Very Happy Christmas and a Truly Romantic New Year.

We'll meet again in 2013 for an action packed year of eco friendly wedding ideas and plans, introducing you to more lovely green wedding suppliers and services, people who go that extra mile to help make your wedding just the best and most special day of your lives.

Many thanks to Angie Lewin and St Judes for the kind loan of this wonderfully seasonal print. We absolutely love her work.


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December 19, 2012

Christmas Gold


Don't you just adore these beautiful gold letters from POSH Graffiti

We've put together a Christmas greeting for you here using the letters, but of course we think you'll love to use these original, authentic letters created by Emily Readlett Bailey for your wedding decorations any time of the year.

Emily has always taken care to source sustainable materials and for many years has pioneered the concept of stylish design with an eco and ethical policy. The POSH Graffiti collection has been made by the same village rice farming community in Bali for 15 years where the farmers use this important secondary business to sustain their agriculture. The artisans use a local fast growing albizia wood (never toxic MDF) and each piece is unique. The Company has always emphasized quality over quantity resisting the lure of mass production in China.

Emily has been actively involved in tree planting in Bali over the years and this year she has been asked be work with an important sustainable rain forest management project in Borneo. More to come in 2013.

If you go to POSH Graffiti's website you will find all sorts of ideas to inspire you and there's also a brilliant wall where you can compose your very own design before buying.


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December 11, 2012

Naturally gorgeous Christmas wedding gift designs

Take a look at these gorgeous decorations specially created by Paper Tree for Christmas. There are little rosebud wreaths, mini mistletoe kissing sprigs:


Rosebud hearts and rosey wreaths:


For a Christmas wedding you could line up these sweet rose topiary pots all the way down your reception table:

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December 04, 2012

Trees of Tomorrow – in the Seeds of Today

Now that the leaves have been blown away by November’s storms, we are blessed with the beauty of the trees’ winter silhouettes. The gradually multiplying branches reaching skyward against a dwindling light is a poignant symbol of longevity and growth and all that is to come.


It was with this thought that Trees of Tomorrow, who supply little seedling wedding favours, was born. So we asked Margaret Fox to tell us a little more about her seedling company, now into its second year of providing these enchanting favours to couples wanting a more meaningful gift for their guests which, like their marriage, is all about the future. Over to you Margaret:

“We firmly believe that our Wedding Seedling Favours are the greenest gift there is and we focus exclusively on British native species:

Oak, of course, is a firm favourite being symbolic of strength and an essential feature of our British landscape, supporting thousands of other species as it grows and develops. The slender, graceful Silver Birch, whose little heart shaped leaves make it an obvious choice, is also very popular. Folklore tells us that babies’ cradles were made of birch due to its purifying qualities! One couple chose crab apple seedlings as the groom had proposed to the bride in an orchard!


There are also some species specially suited to winter weddings. The courageous Holly revels in winter while anticipating the spring; the Blue Spruce, whose evergreen needles appear in pairs symbolizing permanence in love, is ideally suited to Christmas weddings. Or, if you’d rather avoid a conifer, there is the brave Holm Oak, whose evergreen leaves, something between an oak and a holly, are very beautiful. So, whether you are guided in your choice by the traditional language of trees or choose a species with a special personal relevance, a unique wedding tree favour is guaranteed.

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December 03, 2012

Eco wedding fair

We heard there was an eco wedding fair in Bristol at the beginning of November (why weren't we invited?) and we thought you'd like to see how inspiring it turned out to be. Thanks to Jennie Hill for her lovely photos.


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