August 18, 2011

Party pizzas

With wedding receptions becoming more informal affairs - a huge future trend - we thought ingenious small catering business, Georgios Pizzas, could be the perfect choice for a fantastically fun gathering!


Georgios is a small Somerset based local business, launched in 2009 by their love for traditionally delicious organic sourdough based pizzas baked in a mobile wood fired pizza oven. The pizzas are made using locally produced Organic Shipton Mill flour and the sourdough process means that there is no yeast added to the bread, giving them a great bite which is far lighter than the western deep pan variety.


This is a unique pizza catering experience; they are happy to travel to weddings and parties, though South West based, and conscious of their carbon footprint, they say they do like to keep things as local as possible, sorry New York, London and Japan!

If you try them you are sure to find them as addictive and delicious as we have!

For more information check our their website, phone George and Aurora on 07816 501732 or email them at

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August 16, 2011

Getting married soon?


ITV are looking for couples getting married between now and November 2011 for a new series of For Better, For Worse.

This is a returning show, where they follow couples who got married 14 years ago, catching up with them every seven years. The programme is a study of modern marriage, and they're looking for just ONE more couple.

They are looking for people very much in love and looking forward to starting their lives together. They want to hear from people who have found their soul mate, or have an unusual wedding planned or just want to share their big day with us. They'd love to follow you on your journey into married life - so do get in touch.

Anyone interested can contact Nicola Cornick on 0207 157 3824 or email ASAP for more info.

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August 10, 2011

A truly green and ethical venue

Matara, a very green and ethical wedding venue listed in our directory, is totally committed to providing its customers with transparency in all they do and we have recently been sent the following statement by them.  We thought our readers would love to know how committed they are - over to Geoffrey Higgins of Matara:


"We want to ensure that, while providing you with the opportunity to celebrate the important rites of passage in your life, we give you as much information as possible about how we work, the food you eat and how it is sourced, the energy we use, and the team who work for you.  We want you to be confident that the food we serve is sourced from suppliers who rear their animals humanely and allow them to range freely outdoors, free of growth hormones and antibiotics, provide us with only sustainable varieties of fish, supply products made from organic or biodynamic crops without pesticides, and then prepared by us with love and care.  We undertake to do as much as we can to minimise the environmental impact of our work for you, and are endeavouring to do our part in nurturing the environment and the nature which we so love.  

Our goal is to reduce our wastage and emissions towards 0% - a big challenge.  We are at the first stage of the process and are committed to internally auditing our processes and suppliers over the next three months to see how we can:

  • Buy only what we need, leaving no surplus
  • Change or redesign our processes to take out waste entirely or reduce it to a minimum
  • Encourage our suppliers to reduce or remove the packaging they use or start working with like-minded suppliers
  • Purchase as many renewable, environmentally friendly, ethically, organically products as possible
  • Buy as much as possible from local suppliers to reduce the mileage travelled and – in the case of food – maximise the taste
  • Eliminate all hazardous chemicals from Matara thus avoiding soil and water pollution
  • At the same time, we want to create an environment at Matara within the team that encourages learning about sustainability and the part each person plays in the journey

"Our challenge is to establish an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling and socially just presence on the planet as the principle of our time." Charles Stirton - friend of Matara.

“I believe it is only though exploration and dialogue we will be able to address the ecological, social challenges we face.  In a conversation, you always expect a reply and if you honour the other person, you understand that you must not expect always to receive a reply that you foresee, or a reply that you will like.  A conversation is two-sided and always, to some degree, mysterious; it requires faith.” Wendell Berry – American man of letters

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