July 26, 2010

Gorgeous Green Weddings in Wiltshire - at last!

We're absolutely delighted to announce that the long wait is over for Winkworth Farm's brand new green wedding venue. Set to throw open its doors at the beginning of August, Winkworth Farm is embarking on a new chapter in its life as a premier eco-friendly venue for weddings, offering the highest quality service that doesn’t cost the earth.


Set in over 220 acres of organic pastureland, Winkworth Farm strongly believes in supporting the local economy whilst using the latest green technology to reduce its Carbon footprint. The 12th century farmstead has been lovingly renovated by local builders and craftsmen to embrace its ancient past and introduce environmentally friendly modern technology.

No expense has been spared when considering the earth’s future and being green doesn’t mean sub standards here. Energy efficient heating and audio visual equipment has been deployed and even the hand dryers are green and locally sourced!

Not only are they good to the environment but they believe is being good to the community so for every wedding or event held a donation is made to Oxfam Unwrapped and the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institute.


Further details and a brochure can be downloaded from: www.winkworthfarm.com

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July 19, 2010

Eco-chic flowers for Devon brides!

We were over the moon when Bristol based florists Bella & Fifi told us that they were launching a branch of their business in Devon. Of course there was a certain amount of partiality in the emotion since GU HQ is based right here in North Devon!

Now eco conscious couples planning to wed in Devon and Cornwall can be sure that they will be able to experience hand picked, sweet scented, locally grown blooms on their wedding day.


Bella & Fifi don’t just style seasonal, UK-sourced flowers; they’ll also grow them to order to guarantee the most beautiful, freshest blooms possible. It's an original concept in wedding flowers which we've been bashing on about for the last four years and which we think is taking off in a big way as it's part of the growing trend towards sustainable wedding planning. It makes a wedding day all the more personal and of course more eco-friendly too.

But as Bella & Fifi explain, "it's not just about being 'eco', 'beautiful' is just as important, after all, it's the one day when everything needs to look stunning. We're trying to show that green and gorgeous can go hand in hand."

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July 13, 2010

A green fingered wedding ...

It all started when Leann emailed GU HQ for advice on eco friendly boning for her home made wedding dress! I must say that we usually manage to find answers to most of our visitors' questions, but that stopped us in our tracks. Here, we thought, is a bride who won't be beaten. We discovered that Leann and Matt plan to marry this September and of course we had to ask them if they would share their ethical wedding journey with all our readers. Over to you Leann ...

leann_mattBrief Overview
The big day is 4th September 2010. Both the ceremony and the reception will be held at Left Bank Leeds, a decommissioned church which is in the early stages of being repaired and resurrected as a community arts centre. We wanted an informal day and, having organised a ceilidh band, a BBQ and plant contest, we have embraced the idea that we are actually organising a village fete instead of a wedding!

Why an ethical wedding?
Over the six years we've lived together we have become gradually more ethically minded (recycling, buying seasonally, reducing our energy use etc.) It seemed a natural progression to organise our wedding in the same way that we want to continue to live.

Our ultimate aims for the day, apart from that everyone should enjoy themselves, is to be able to say that we considered every aspect, from underwear to cutlery, in terms of the most ethical option (even if there is a reason we did not end up doing the most ethical thing).

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July 08, 2010

Ethical pearls on sale!

pearl_sale.jpgMai Pearls is throwing a sizzling summer sale for the next 72 hours so if you haven't already chosen the jewellery for your upcoming green wedding, take time out to search the pearl chest for fabulous bargains!

All the pearls used within the Mai Pearls collection are Chinese farmed freshwater pearls and each piece of jewellery is handmade by a small group of mainland Chinese women. Mai Pearls supports fair trade and local community initiatives. This means that they ensure their suppliers are paid fair wages for their work; working conditions are safe and of a good standard and no children are exploited.

Mai Pearls also gives 10% of it's profits to Operation Blessings, Chinese orphan care program.

For more information and to take advantage of this great summer offer go to www.maipearls.co.uk.

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