April 30, 2009

Introducing Esther & Drew

Congratulations to Esther and Drew who got engaged a couple of weeks ago! Esther wrote to tell us how the committment to get married has got her into a flat spin. She said "I'm actually probably having the very normal first couple of weeks of sheer google mania trying to find a venue so we can set a date and we are trying to go for something eco orientated with good local food, skills swapping with people to keep costs down ie: I make a cake stand for her wedding, she makes the cake for mine etc, trying to keep the miles and importantly the cost down!! So maybe the blogging world could help with ideas!"

esther_drew.jpgNames? Esther and Drew

Wedding date? Sometime in June 2010

Wedding Venue and location? Were pretty sure it will be in Hampshire were we live, for a few good reasons including wanting to shop local and reducing transport miles. Venue-wise we're still up in the air a bit, but it looks like were getting closer to an answer. One more to see on Monday and hopefully we can decide on a plan. (I'm normally quite decisive but this has really got me in a twist!! So many conflicting factors to think about.. )

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April 22, 2009

Just rewards


Geodesic domes are changing the shape of wedding reception spaces in the South West. The modular design of individual domes means that up to five tents can be put together to create unique spaces of of up to three thousand square feet. The marquee footprint resembles flower petals or a multi-leafed clover. The unique modular system means that your space can be divided to allow space for your guests, your caterers, entertainers and even a lounge area if you like. All this can be achieved without sacrificing your main party space.

mike_geodesum.jpgMike Ford of Geodesum has reaped his reward and, with the luck of a four leaf clover, has scooped the Judges' Choice Prize at the recent West Country Wedding Awards.

This gem of a West Country Company has been experimenting with geodesic dome structures for well over ten years and makes the tents using natural canvas and sustainable wooden pole frames. The floors are made of hand crafted wood and natural coir matting.

These domed tents are a perfect choice for anyone throwing a green wedding reception.

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April 20, 2009

Even in white, you can Go Green

So says Lori at Conscious Elegance who got in touch to tell us how excited she is about her New 2009 Bridal Collection which is entirely hand made in the UK using organic and sustainable materials.

As well as her hugely popular wedding gowns, bridesmaid's and party dresses, Lori has added coats, wraps and shrugs to the collection making them a very versatile choice for those considering an autumn or winter wedding.


And now the whole wedding party can be decked out sustainably with the menfolk sporting ties or cravats made in her signature hemp/silk fabrics. They make great gifts for your best man and his ushers who will end up using them after the wedding day.

For DIY brides and dressmakers Conscious Elegance also sells hemp/silk and organic cotton fabrics in a wide variety of colours by the meter or yard.

Lori offers an open invitation for brides to visit the workshop to see the fabrics, try on floor samples and have personal fittings. Or you may prefer to have a visit in your own home. Just get in touch to find out more.

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April 07, 2009

Forest glade wedding

forevergreenblog.jpgFancy having your wedding reception in a forest glade? Our latest venue can offer you just that, well as close as...

Forever Green's Treetops looks out onto the woodland canopy and through its windows you will be able to see a wonderful panorama of trees, keeping an eye on what goes on in the heights of the forest. It's perfect for small wedding receptions with a great sound system, comfort cooling and loads of parking.

Treetops is part of Forever Green's unique family owned venue set amongst a tree filled panorama of 70 acres of woodland in the middle of the forest and close to Mansfield in Nottinghamshire. The astounding variety of birdlife includes woodpeckers, tits, owls and much more while fallow deer are sometimes seen quietly grazing round the building. They take environmental considerations seriously and work is constantly being undertaken to improve the natural habitat and reduce the venue's carbon footprint.

Food is freshly cooked using as much home grown and locally sourced produce as possible and they will devise a menu specially for your wedding day. Give them a call, sample the atmosphere and dream of a magical forest glade wedding.

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April 01, 2009

The most magnificent bridal suite in Somerset


It's renowned for the most magnificent bridal suite in Somerset and the King's Room is a truly magnificent bedroom to spend your wedding night in. Incredibly sumptuous with a huge four poster bed, the 'Great Bed of Maunsel', deep rich red walls, luxurious antique furnishings, a copper bath and old masters on the walls.

If you've always dreamed of a wedding steeped in history and the English countryside you couldn't choose a more perfect venue than Maunsel House in Somerset. With its history dating back to Doomsday, the most recent incumbents have been there since 1772 and take special care to preserve their heritage. It is without doubt, a great party house and comes to life when packed full of people. The atmosphere, flow and configuration of it’s rooms lends an enormous amount to any occasion, helping your family and friends to feel relaxed, comfortable and most of all, at home.

Exclusively yours for the duration of your wedding, with no restrictions on how you wish to celebrate, Maunsel partners with excellent, reasonably priced caterers providing delicious, locally sourced, seasonal food to suit all tastes. You can choose to have your wedding guests stay at the house with you all weekend for a fabulous house party in the 13 beautifully furnished bedrooms.

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