March 26, 2008

Awards all round!

lori_eco_award.jpgWe're delighted to have discovered that GreenUnion partner Conscious Elegance has walked away with the Environmental Agency/North Tyneside Business of the Year Award for 2007.

The judges decision was immediate and unanimous, due to the fact that Conscious Elegance is a completely green enterprise. The company strives for 100% sustainability, from the fabrics to the recycled packaging materials. No factories or sweatshops here and CE makes a point of sourcing from other small businesses, especially those that allow mums to earn an income while staying at home with their children. We like that!

Founder and designer, Lori Del Genis says, 'Conscious Elegance is all about making easy choices that have far-reaching effects. Being eco-conscious can also mean thinking outside of the corporate box. For example, we offer fabric choices for vegan brides who wish to support their values with a wedding dress that's every bit as gorgeous as they would see on the high street."

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March 20, 2008

Lily-Peds retires

lilypeds.jpgIt's with a heavy heart that we announce the retirement of Brockers the Rickshaw and her rider Amy who for the last two years have not only delighted the public on the streets of Exeter, but also enthralled couples and guests alike at many a green and eco friendly wedding in the West Country.

This is in light of new legislation regarding battery assisted rickshaws which means that a bike such as Brockers the Rickshaw must be taxed, licensed, and MOT’d like that of a normal motor vehicle! It's left many pedi-cab companies such as Lily-Peds in limbo. We don't know how this is effecting other pedi-cab companies up and down the country but it certainly doesn't bode well for a budding alternative method of transport to the internal combustion engine and the reduction of CO2 emissions (and government targets?). Whatever happened to encouraging alternative modes of transport?

It also leaves many eco conscious couples in limbo regarding alternative transportation for their wedding days so if any pedi-cab riders and their trusty steeds can afford to keep going we'd love to include them in our directory, so please get in touch if you are one or can recommend one.

You can read more about these new laws here if you're interested or disgusted enough to find out more.

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March 16, 2008

Creating a wedding that's true to you

getting_married.jpgSaturday 5th April - 1.30pm-5.30pm at the Friends Meeting House in Brigton.

"Wedding planning doesn't have to be stressful, it all depends on how you go about it." says Lesley Stratton-Hughes, of Getting Married Inside Out - GreenUnion's expert Life Coach.

So why not step away from the commercial world of celebrity style weddings and find out how to apply a very personal approach that will make you feel good!

Don't know where to start? Too much choice? Too many opinions and expectations? Is the whole thing just stressing you out? You'll love Lesley's workshop because it will help you to:

Simplify - break down the wedding planning process into easy manageable steps

Clarify - decide for yourself the elements you really want and discard what you don't need

Personalise - explore ways to express yourself so you feel connected to your day

Share - involve family and friends and all their talents and build a supportive, helpful team

Rationalise - Keep a healthy perspective so you remain composed, confident and in control

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March 14, 2008

Handmade weddings

etsy_handmade.jpgIf you're stuck for ideas and looking for a source of inspiration, look no further than the Handmade Wedding Series just started over at Etsy. The folk there are partnering up with some super-talented guest bloggers and Etsy sellers to explore the world of weddings and bring you the best ideas and resources in handmade: everything from custom-designed dresses to decor that suites your style.

They're going to write about loads of useful stuff on how to bring handmade elements to your wedding, whether it’s by sharing ideas for making things or by highlighting some great handmade and vintage items on the site. So check them out from time to time, you'll be inspired!

Photo by julieincharge

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March 13, 2008

London limelight

It's not easy being green (to coin a phrase) wherever you are, and running a flower shop and event company in central London is probably the most challenging place to 'green' your business. But we're delighted to point out that Rebel Rebel is doing just that. These top London florists have taken up the challenge and are making every effort to be as earth friendly as possible, given their location.

grooms_buttonholes.jpgThey recycle everything they can - paper, cardboard, glass, plastics - and all their green waste goes to a city farm for composting. They source as much of their flowers and foliage seasonally and from British growers, dealing directly with wholesalers at Nine Elms (the huge London flower market) who specialise in British flowers. Where they cannot source British, their next choice is always Fair Trade flowers. Not only that but, as you can see by this great image of gorgeous grooms, they are exceedingly stylish and terribly chic proving that green is definitely the new black!

If you're planning an eco chic wedding at a London venue, head out to the East End and have a chat with them, they'll do you proud.

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March 07, 2008

Cornish green wedding fair

cornish_green_wedding.jpgPencarrow hosts funky green wedding fair this Sunday 9th March.

One of Cornwall’s most historic houses, Pencarrow in North Cornwall, will be the fairytale setting for a dazzling selection of bridal fashions and flowers this Sunday. For the first time in the county, there will be an area totally devoted to fabulous green and funky wedding ideas – Discover Cornish Weddings will be showcasing a hand-picked selection of carbon neutral suppliers, proving that originality and innovative ideas can sit happily with the glitz and glamour of that special day. Suppliers range from wedding dresses made out of pineapple fabrics, ethical jewellers, mini-tree favours and so on...

So if you're in Cornwall this weekend, or even thinking of throwing a Cornish green wedding, then take the opportunity this Sunday to visit the exhibition and stroll around the spectacular grounds of Pencarrow.

Sunday 9 March 10 am to 4.30 pm
Admission: £2.00 on the door
Enquiries: The Administrator, Pencarrow, Bodmin, Cornwall, PL30 3AG Tel: 01208 841369

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March 06, 2008

Fair Trade vs. food miles

green_globe.jpgAs Fairtrade Fortnight moves into its second week it raises the question on everyone's lips: how do we justify buying fair trade goods from the developing world when we should be cutting down on food or flower miles? I've found an interesting article written by Steve Brooks, the acting head of Oxfam Cymru, for the Western Mail, a Welsh paper.

His question is whether producing tropical fruits, vegetables, or flowers locally to cut down on food miles could result in a greater volume of emissions because of the energy requirements to maintain artificial conditions, i.e. greenhouses in the Northern Hemisphere. He points out that sourcing locally and giving back to the local economy, which is something we really believe in here at GreenUnion HQ, is certainly important, but fair trade products have their own associated benefits, like supporting social and economic development projects - schools, clinics, clean water supply and proper sanitation. Moreover it empowers people in the third world and helps them become independent from the ubiquitous 'aid' cycle which is so destructive to sub-Saharan lives.

Interestingly enough, Brooks argues that food transportation currently contributes relatively little to carbon dioxide emissions. He points out that if everyone in the United Kingdom switched one 100W light bulb to a low energy equivalent, CO² emissions would be reduced in one year by 4.7 times the amount saved by boycotting fresh fruit and vegetables from sub-Saharan Africa.

Go ahead, buy your Fairtrade flowers and feel good!

Read the whole article at icWales.

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March 05, 2008

What were you doing when you were fifteen?

timber_tags.jpgCan you remember what you were doing when you were 15? Testing the latest makeup, learning how to smoke, enjoying the odd binge drinking session, setting up a business...

It seems entrepreneurs get younger and younger with Charlie Artingsoll, self styled "green wedding connoisseur and plant label dynamo". He's churning out the most eco friendly labels for place names by collecting wood offcuts from local joineries and turning them into TimberTags. At only fifteen, Charlie started to make these green wedding labels when the gardening season was over and he had to think about turning his plant label business into an all season enterprise.

Having already won a Kent environmental business award for the 'most inspirational business', Charlie plans to donate a percentage of his profits to the Kent Wildlife Trust.

Charlie suggests that you commission him to create some custom tags for your wedding which will double up as a great little keepsake of your eco chic wedding day. Give him a call and find out what he can do for you. Name tags, napkin rings, flower labels, thank you tags, wedding favours, coasters, the choice is endless...

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